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Program history
AutoCAD Free Download: Released in December 1982 by Autodesk for microcomputers (MMS-2 & MMS-8) with internal graphics controllers. Initially designed as a «Drafting System for MMS» and only available for the MMS-2 with 128k RAM and 5MB of video RAM, then upgraded and re-released in 1989 for the MMS-8 with 256k RAM and 8MB of video RAM.
AutoCAD LT: 1995 release. Development started at Autodesk’s midwest offices, and renamed from a «Drafting System for MMS» to «AutoCAD LT» and released as a 32-bit version on Windows 95 and Windows NT.
AutoCAD Map 3D: 2002. The first release of AutoCAD Map 3D was for Windows XP.
AutoCAD Map 2D: 2008. The first release of AutoCAD Map 2D was for Windows XP.
AutoCAD Map 3D LT: 2012. The first release of AutoCAD Map 3D LT was for Windows 7.
AutoCAD Architecture: 2012. First released in 2012 for Windows 8. The new version included a completely new rendering engine, adding a number of new features, including large scale working areas and the ability to reuse layers to create dynamic views of geometry.
AutoCAD Electrical: 2016. Released on Windows 10.
AutoCAD Civil 3D: 2016. Released on Windows 10.
AutoCAD Plant 3D: 2016. Released on Windows 10.


Types of users

Main users
AutoCAD is used by a wide range of people for a range of purposes. Software for architectural, engineering, and surveying disciplines use a drafting system such as AutoCAD to produce drawings and other documents. Also, many architectural firms make use of AutoCAD and other applications to create architectural blueprints (plans), also known as architectural drawings.

Home users
AutoCAD is used by many home users. It is one of the more popular 3D CAD applications available today. On the Windows operating systems (including Windows 10), AutoCAD is included in the Microsoft Office 2010 suite, and AutoCAD Map 3D is included in the Office 365 suite of products. AutoCAD Map 3D is also available as a stand-alone product for users running Windows XP or Windows Vista and later operating systems. AutoCAD LT is available for home users


User interfaces

AutoCAD has three primary user interfaces. The standard user interface is AutoCAD LT, a DOS-based application; the second is AutoCAD 2011 for Windows XP/Vista/7; and the third is AutoCAD WS, a web-based interface.

Most third-party user interfaces, such as CAMIS, are now based on AutoCAD LT.

Educational software

AutoCAD LT is a free educational software product developed by Autodesk, which is intended for high school and college students, instructors, and artists. It is intended to provide an entry point for all students to the principles of computer-aided drafting (CAD).

AutoCAD LT is available for the Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, and web operating systems. The software is licensed per seat, per year and is a complete educational toolkit, including a set of standards that support multiple operating systems and computers. AutoCAD LT supports drafting, design, publication, and multimedia workflows. It also includes tools for «paperless» design, dynamic collaboration, and master sheets.

Packaging and eLearning
Autodesk’s packaging of AutoCAD for eLearning environments is based on a one-time purchase of a licensing account. The licensing server is located at (unlike the desktop and mobile versions). After the license is purchased, the user is given a license key and a license number. The user can then access the product’s individual feature videos and the built-in editor through the Autodesk eLearning Central website.

AutoCAD LT for eLearning can be installed locally, along with any other AutoCAD application.


AutoCAD LT software can be licensed as part of a single user license for individual use, or in a one-year Enterprise license that allows users to use their licenses across the enterprise. The Enterprise license is fully transferable and, once licensed, is permanently licensed for all new AutoCAD LT customers, as long as those customers remain Autodesk customers. An annual maintenance subscription, AutoCAD LT Maintenance, is available for AutoCAD LT software only. The maintenance subscription renews the maintenance of the software automatically and is supported directly by Autodesk. AutoCAD LT continues to run on the licensed system, even if the user does not renew the maintenance subscription.

Licenses can be activated online or offline (on-prem

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Ford announced in a statement on Nov. 7 that it would support «all those standing up for religious freedom in the foster care and adoption agencies serving children. Ford’s company will also continue to recognize and celebrate the dedicated work and service of all of the organizations that serve children in need.»

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Import, analyze, and optimize your designs. AutoCAD’s Data Management tool can analyze an existing drawing, identify problem areas, and automatically generate workarounds and updates. (video: 1:15 min.)

Additionally, 3D imports have been expanded to include warehouse, shipyard, and many new features for 3D design.

2D object collaboration on a shared drawing. With new 2D object collaboration, multiple users can view and interact with the same 2D object on a single drawing. (video: 1:29 min.)

Vector-Based and Parametric Programming:

New submenu options are available in the Vector and Parametric tabs for their respective design tools. Additionally, to the right of the Vector and Parametric tabs are new submenu options for the respective Appearances tabs.

Data management options for the Parametric and Vector tools: Create, edit, and delete parameters, 3D objects, line styles, and curves.

Selection and manipulation of data within a drawing: Extend or cut a single or multiple data elements; create new ones; select individual data elements; add or remove data to a set; extend or delete a set of data.

One-click data management: Select a data set, and the command sets can be added or removed all at once.

Data set search: Find and use data sets that meet the search criteria.

To read more about these new features, check out our Guide to New Features in AutoCAD 2023.

Update: The features detailed above in this article are in Beta testing and are not available for release with AutoCAD 2023.

New Features in AutoCAD Tips & Tricks

Hello again and welcome to the August 2020 update of AutoCAD Tips & Tricks!

We have to be honest and say that we still love AutoCAD, and we hope you do too! So, this update will focus on AutoCAD tips and tricks, and we will be releasing a more comprehensive list of new features in a few weeks.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Upcoming 2020 Events for important dates, as well as our Live Meetup groups for information about other free events for CAD and Mechanical Design professionals.

Let’s begin with a few AutoCAD 101 videos.

Bookmark this page and check back in a few days to read

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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