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Autodesk’s AutoCAD is one of the oldest and most commonly used of all CAD programs, and for good reason. It’s reliable, simple, and has fewer tools than other programs, and yet it remains a workhorse in the industry. As a relatively inexpensive, powerful and easy to use, highly robust and accurate professional CAD system, it has long been a common choice for mechanical engineers, architects, building construction workers, civil engineers, engineers in other fields, as well as educators and students. And there are literally thousands of people around the world who still use AutoCAD every day.

AutoCAD is very easy to learn. It’s intuitive, straight-forward and does not require specialized skills to use. Because of its simplicity, beginners are able to draw very basic drawings, using just the mouse, and with AutoCAD, they can create quite sophisticated drawings in a relatively short amount of time. With AutoCAD, you can save time by working efficiently and producing drawings of high quality.

What AutoCAD can do

AutoCAD is used by professionals for a wide range of applications. In addition to drafting, simulation and visualization, AutoCAD also supports design reviews, documentation, data transfer, reverse engineering, and more.

Autodesk’s AutoCAD uses a powerful object-oriented model to organize drawings into what are called project files. Projects are the containers for all of the entities in a drawing and are independent of the file format. This object-oriented organization makes it easy to create or modify the properties and characteristics of entities and to change the drawing’s metadata to suit your needs.

You can modify the metadata of entities, including its name, coordinate location, label, and color, and you can re-enter, copy, and modify metadata. You can also use a drawing project to share information in different languages and formats.

AutoCAD does not track geometric features; it is a purely 2D CAD program.

AutoCAD does not track geometric features. You cannot, for example, create a spline curve in a 3D space and then edit the spline curve without making changes to the 2D drawing. This means that geometric tools in AutoCAD are used only to position objects, and you need to use a separate 2D program, such as a drafting program, to track and edit geometric features. You

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In August 2011, Autodesk announced that they would discontinue development of AutoCAD Crack For Windows at the end of July 2014. Later that year, Autodesk announced that the «AutoCAD Classic» software would be distributed free-of-charge, and that a transition to that software would occur on October 28, 2014. AutoCAD Classic software continued to be supported and available for download until May 25, 2017, when Autodesk announced that all support and maintenance would be discontinued on October 28, 2017, with the availability of AutoCAD 2019 software. AutoCAD 2019 software was first available in November 2017 for Windows. Autodesk offers a hosted version of AutoCAD which provides access to a subset of the features in the software and allows for the use of tools in an external app store and was last updated for AutoCAD 2016. The latest version, AutoCAD 2018, is available as a free download for Windows.


AutoCAD was originally developed by AutoDesk, which was founded in 1979 by Arthur D. Levitt. It was designed to be a stand-alone, programming language-independent program for the creation, maintenance, and viewing of 2D and 3D drawings. In 1983, the product was released for Apple II and PC-based platforms. AutoCAD became a de facto standard for 2D drafting.

In 1987, AutoCAD was released for the Macintosh platform, the first for a computer platform other than DOS. The first version for Macintosh was AutoCAD 2.12. AutoCAD 3.0 for the Macintosh was released in 1991, with features such as proportional editing, text editing, and a 2D grid. AutoCAD on the Macintosh, along with the Windows version, became the de facto standard for drafting in the industry. The Macintosh version ran on a PPC chip, using QuickDraw GX.

On November 18, 2008, AutoCAD 2009, with its user interface update, became the first version of AutoCAD to support the Ribbon. This is the first version of AutoCAD to support 64-bit hardware and 64-bit operating systems (Windows XP and Windows Vista). AutoCAD 2009 introduced several new functions, including the Parametric/Impressions toolbar, Electrical Project Professional (EPP), and 3D views. AutoCAD 2009 was released on the Apple iPhone. AutoCAD 2009 for Windows also adds new functions, such as a Graphic Styles Manager.


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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Markup import (Markup/Comments/Blanks) lets you import printed feedback or PDF comments into your design, so you can use them alongside your current drawing. You can also quickly copy comments to your clipboard.

You can import comments from many commonly used designs like CNC or 3D models, AutoCAD printouts, Microsoft Word files, PDF documents, and text comments in other applications. You can also import comments from previous versions of AutoCAD.

Markup assist (Markup/Comments/Blanks) lets you export comments to an AutoLISP file so you can use them in an application or create your own custom comments. These are very easy to use.

Structure assignment to solids and surfaces:

The new solid assignment engine speeds up the process of creating elements in your drawings. Instead of opening every solid and using all the options, you can simply assign the drawing element to a solid, and then edit the solid properties.

The surface assignment engine lets you create new surfaces quickly by associating an existing solid with a surface. You can assign attributes to solids and surfaces to easily create your own annotations and comments in AutoCAD.

Drawing Object Selection with Context Menus:

The new drawing object selection feature makes it easy to select existing or add new objects from a menu with options.

Automatically select and deselect drawing objects with menus (for selecting parts and multi-part surfaces).

Drawing object selection lets you easily select elements in your drawing and modify them.

Add drawing objects with menus.

Fill holes and cuts with a click.

Move points along curves and surfaces.

Draw and copy points, lines, and arcs with a click.

Use grips and the keyboard to define and edit points, lines, and arcs.

Quickly select several items with context menus.

Copy and paste drawing objects with right-click.

Import drawing objects from a drawing or an external file.

Manipulate existing drawing objects in a different view.

Object management:

Create objects in drawings with a single click.

Add and delete objects from drawings.

Save and restore an object from its properties.

Search for and add specific drawing objects.

Save drawings in different file formats.


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