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Codeigniter (php/mysql) filter


$res = $this->db->get();

if($res->num_rows()>0) {
foreach ($res->result() as $row) {
$id = $row->id;

$this->db->where(‘id’, $id);
$this->db->order_by(‘id’, ‘desc’);


I have this code in Codeigniter.
It is a view from a table.
This would return the view in my local server.
I have searched around a lot and tried this
$this->db->where(‘userid’, $userid);

and many more but it does not work
In this example if I set id=1 and userid=2
I should get the answer according to the above view
I would like to change the code so it filters by userid and gets the result.
If for instance I set id

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What software does everyone use for image management?

I’m looking for a simple image management software that allows me to manage my images. From cropping, uploading, downloading, storing, and so forth.


There are a number of software apps that can be used to help manage, store, and share photos:


Lightroom is probably the most popular professional and simple-to-use photo editing application available.

Gimp is an open source photo editing application, and is free for the first 90 days.

Darktable is a free and open source RAW photo editing and management application.

pipelight is a photo viewer and editing application.


Drawing and annotating is made a lot easier with a bitmap image editor such as AutoCAD, Corel Draw, or similar.

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a simple photo gallery application that was included with Windows Live Essentials.

Picasa is a free online image editing and management application and is also available for mobile devices.

PicMonkey is a simple online image editing tool.

Digital Photo Professional is a popular RAW converter and digital asset management application with a Windows installer.

iPhone Photo app is a photo editing and management app that comes with the iPhone.

Picasa Web Albums is a photo hosting service that provides photo albums and social tagging services.

MediaMonkey is a software-based music player, CD ripper, audio splitter, and audio converter.

Virtual File System is a simple free and open source image file hosting application.

Mp3tag is a Windows-only application for tagging and removing ID3 information from MP3 files.

Photo Print:

Photo Print is a Mac-only image management application that allows you to transfer and manage photos using email. It works with iPhoto and Windows Photo Gallery, among others

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