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SuperkindaGames is a small independent game development team based in Southern California. Levelhead is the first commercial game that the team has worked on. Levelhead is a linear single-player Platformer Adventure game, featuring strong narrative, charm, and challenging gameplay. Levelhead was funded by the Kickstarter Campaign.
Levelhead is a level editor, which means it can create levels by importing the ones already created by users. Just as most games have a level editor, you can use Levelhead’s editor to create maps, levels, and even save and load your levels for play later.
The music in Levelhead is created by Fat Bard. Fat Bard is one half of the team that created Crashlands, and he also works as the music director for SuperkindaGames. Levelhead has 13 tracks for you to listen to, and Fatbard is also creating the music for Crashlands 2, which is a free-to-play sequel to the game that came out in 2016. Fatbard and his music will be featured in Crashlands 2 also.
Stomp Tuned Electric Bass Rhythmic Melodic Drone Cave Crawler Warble
Stomp Tuned Electric Bass:

Melodic Electric Bass:

Electric Guitar Drums:

Cave Crawler Warble Bass:


Features Key:

  • Brand new DOA6 Santa Bikini fighting game
  • More than 20 missions to run, more than 7 different zones to fight
  • Fight the winner and fight against your friend using a new battle interface designed to add more fun to fight and fall in love
  • Each opponent has his own figure style
  • Fight more than 20 fighters designed in the anime they love and above all they are cute and with all the intensity in the world.
  • The battle interface supports all the basic types of fight not only with a kick like in DOA, but also with good and practical fighting tools like the new panel shield
  • More than 20 fighters to be unlocked
  • The game has more than 7 different zones, to fight in different environments
  • Fight as your favorite heroes, even the toughest of them all those enemies who killed your warriors, the new enemies are more intense and to prove it can beat all the players to devastate all enemies while taking to make break the stone blind.
  • Fight with your favorite weapons from the anime characters for each zone
  • Fight with your favorite weapons having that their dynamics and story arc, with beautiful graphics make easier for the player to know how the story of the fight in your favorite style
  • Crush your opponents!
  • Get from a mission right into an intense story arc
  • Create and train your favorite protagonists by allowing your companions to directly built a fighting move so you can make selection after every fight to fight with your training partners
  • Cute and sexy pose and some other new features not yet been available
  • DOA6 Santa Bikini — NiCO

    DOA6 Santa Bikini — NiCO Game Description:

    The game takes place in 2018, based on the works of the characters of the anime DOA6. The new characters are fighting on the final fight to save the whole world. DOA6 Santa Bikini fighting game based on the story, the characters and its fighting action designed in the anime they are a story of redemption, struggles and fighting to redeem the world.(read more 🙂 )

    — Features a story line of redemption, struggle and fight


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    — Join a club in the world’s most prestigious leagues. Become the next Samir Nasri or Sergio Ramos.
    — Take over a national team or climb the ladder in local competitions.
    — Become the manager of a club and lead it to the top. Take over a nation and mold the future of soccer in your country.
    — Create your team
    — Play in 3 leagues
    — Choose a training camp, new players, training methods, tactics
    — Play in all npower leagues, including top-flight countries
    — Play in all npower Cups, including International Soccer tournaments
    — Become a manager
    — Play in all cup competitions
    — Choose a federation, create a stadium, change kit and colors
    — Appraise, prepare, organize: new facilities, routines, meals and scouting programs
    — Train your players
    — Produce new players
    — Change team kits, change stadium, create new stadium
    — Play in local competitions
    — Pick the best training camp, amateur team
    — Tournament management
    — Start up a new team or take over an already existing one
    — Pick the best players from the database
    — Start up a new national team or manage an existing one
    — Become the manager of a club and leading it to the top
    — Participate in international tournaments
    — Become a manager of a club and leading it to the top
    — Manager career mode
    — Play in all league competitions
    — Play in all cup competitions
    — Pick up best players from the database
    — Set up a squad from scratch
    — Manage your team for years to come
    — The game features: Real players, realistic transfer market and apps
    Winning trophies isn’t the only thing you can do in Global Soccer! Make your team ready to face a tough challenge!
    — Modular structure: create your own system to modify your matchday structure to suit your team.
    — Manage youth teams, create a scouting network, set up the best practices.
    — The ability to adapt your tactics to every situation.
    — Make your teams communicate by means of apps.
    — Create a stadium from scratch and change the overall style of your matches.
    — Reinvent the training sessions to achieve the best results.
    — Become a real football manager and manage your players.
    — Achieve the perfect balance between players and staff.
    — Go for the championship.
    — Play all cups and competitions.
    — Upgrade your club and become a real institution!


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    Please note!This Is Only An Add-on For the Tiberian Sun/Gold Edition of Maxis/Electronic Arts «Oasis» LMS Version!
    -In Oasis we assume that all bus lines start and end at the Hamburg central bus terminal (BVG Bus hin- und Rückfahrthaus).
    — To do this, we have extended the Hamburg city map (with Altona, Winterhude, Grtnerstraße, Riehen-Handschuhmannstraße, Riehen-Mitte, Wandsbek, HafenCity and Bunkerland station) and assigned to every bus stop the corresponding departure to the central bus terminal (BVG Bus hin- und Rückfahrthaus).
    — For every bus stop of the game, there is a corresponding line (not all lines are displayed in the game). This is only the «numbering», so there can be more than one line for the same bus stop and/or (for the 100%) bus lines are displayed in the game.

    — This mod is (of course) a work-in-progress and not a finished (or complete) mod! I’m still working on it and therefore, I can’t make any guarantees for bugs and missing things.
    — Any suggestion on how to make my mod better or help in the development process are welcome!


    ## Features for owners of the Hamburg Day and Night or HafenCity add-on##

    After the buying of the Hamburg Day and Night or HafenCity add-on, there will be
    a modifaction that the Hamburg city map is expanded

    ## Features for owners of the Hamburg Line 20 add-on##

    The Hamburg Line 20 add-on offers a Hamburg map expansion with the following features:

    — Long-distance bus line #20, connecting the stops Riehen-Handschuhmannstraße, Riehen-Mitte, Wandsbek, HafenCity and Altona to Hamburg via the Marktseefeld forest railway.
    — Short bus line #20, connecting the stops Wandsbek and HafenCity to the central bus terminal (BVG Bus hin- und Rückfahrthaus) via Altona.
    — Extended stops: Riehen-Mitte, Wandsbek and Altona.
    — Full


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