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A funny underwater adventure game.
A girl named Biba has to go underwater and collect coins.
There will be many obstacles, and the water is not friendly to her.
You can compete with your friends
Use the coins to unlock extra stages, and take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses.
Get achievements and
Improve your skills.
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Biba`s Adventures € Hardcore Platformer Features Key:

  • Classic 2D side scrolling fun
  • Rich with puzzles and challenging levels
  • Simple 2D game world with vibrant art style

Key Game Features:

  • Classic 2D side scrolling
  • Simple control system for easy game play
  • Rich with puzzles and challenging levels
  • Simple 2D game world with vibrant art style

Key Game Features:

  • Classic side-scrolling action
  • Wide array of challenging levels with plenty of secrets
  • Zany characters and enemies
  • Profiles are customizable to your liking
  • Movable short-cuts
  • Purple diamonds style HUD display
  • Automatic pathing
  • Slick UI system


Biba`s Adventures € Hardcore Platformer Crack With License Key

Biba`s Adventures is a fun, challenging side-scrolling platform game, featuring cute-looking enemies and a three dimensional world.
Key Features of Biba`s Adventures
– fun gameplay
– challenging and unique levels
– 20 achievements
– friendly game
– beautiful graphics
Instructions for You to play Biba`s Adventures:
You are on a journey to rescue Biba from the evil wolves. You need to evade all sorts of animals and obstacles. Use the mouse to control the character and press «WASD» to move around.
You get coins for every kill.
Hit the enemies by bouncing on their heads.
Collect coins to purchase items that will help you with the game.
Use coins to collect many items, which will give you a competitive advantage over your opponents.
When you play «Guardian mode» there is a time limit.
Compete in the Biba`s Adventures leaderboard to see who is the best!
Show us the newest achievements in the game by reporting them on the Comments Area!
Thank you for playing!

How to install/run:
Open game, and then double click «Mudrunner»;
You can play/run Mudrunner in fullscreen mode by pressing the F11 key;
The HUD is located at the top center of the screen;
Press the keys tab for slow motion, and the escape key for pause;
Press Ctrl+R to toggle fullscreen mode, Press F to exit fullscreen mode.
To play the game online, goto, and register an account, then download RunGame_win.exe to your computer;
Download and install.NET Framework 4.0 from Microsoft website;
Open your browser and navigate to RunGame_win.exe, wait for the installation to complete, and run the game.

Inspired by Space Combat/Baseballs, and inspired by Overwatch, came the Project Kaos. We used Fifa, PES, Battlefield and Overwatch maps, Reversi Engine, and finished this game in 5 days.
Create your own team and play.

This is a windows only game.

If you want to play without a internet connection, you have to download the game from — alternatively you can also support us on

Lydias Adventures: (Tutorial)

This game requires Unity, and C#.



Biba`s Adventures € Hardcore Platformer Crack + X64

Instructions in the game «Biba`s Adventures — it is a fun adventures, where you have to the finish alive, and it’s not as simple as it seems at first glance. Biba actually does not like water and sharp objects, so, you have to be careful!Overcome obstacles, avoid water, open chests and collect many coins!You can also compete with friends and the whole community to be the best!Leaderboard, best players, all this is waiting for you, join us!Save coins to use them to gain competitive advantage.Get achievements in the game and compete with other users in your skills!Nice graphicsGreat visual effectsFun musicResponsive controlDifferent enemies Competitive mode
Game «Biba`s Adventures — Hardcore Platformer» Gameplay:

A new wave of The Last Day is coming and the end has already been called for you. Save the world from the attack of death!Start from the very beginning of the game, it is very easy, you will learn the control of the game very fast.
You begin the game on the Earth’s surface, it is very dangerous – there are elements of fire, earthquake, and toxic. Thousands of insects, rodents, and various other creatures.A very large and rich world, who can not navigate, transport, and interact with, but only dodge the obstacles on the way from one point to another.In the game you will take part in another time, you will gain a new environment, new challenges, and different characters, but the task is always the same – save the world from one day!
Controls:Mouse movement (the same as for RTS) Left-click to move a character (player), right-click to double or move the direction up and down;
Shift Left-click to jump, double right click – jump and double right click – a new direction of movement;
Spacebar to jump;
Escape to return to the menu, press Enter – start over;
F1 – show a help;
Left Mouse – open the bombs, or the same as in real life – they became skimming;
Z – Z.
Game «The Last Day» Gameplay:

Picking up the balls and your task is to carry out the tricky and difficult to master so that the player’s character stays on the screen intact!The character is moving so fast, you have to keep up! Will you be able to do so? It is also becoming harder to pass


What’s new:

Posted on 08/16/2008

I just beat the game a few days ago, and I’ve become an addict. It’s an excellent game (as I will explain later), and I intend to continue to play it until the end, for both the story and to unlock more biba crazed adventures (which will result in fulfilling all “What is …” over here). In the meantime, I thought I’d take some time and do a nifty little Intense Software Retrospective. Once again, be sure to check out my blunders below as I re-live the creation of the only game ever that I have un-put on the shelf.

The Role Playing Game That Isn’t There

Of all the times that Biba is at a crossroad, the one time that he could actually wallow in being just a kid is just when the ultimate “What is a …?” quest is presented.

Apparently, on Biba’s island, his castle is occupied by a group of adventurers who are, as usual, ready to test their mettle on the prevailing Sea of Horror. After chiding the group for trying to make “more monsters” for him, Biba gleefully forces them to a strange and quaint version of monkey’s jumping puzzles.

Unbeknownst to Biba, Cora had set some more “monsters” (these were actually sea life, appropriately, and I’m sure the short-sighted Roland had no idea that Biba would resurrect them) in the way of the group, and the goal is to beat the monsters off so the group can get to the center. It is around this time where I begin to think about my media background, and come to the realization that this was probably going to be a pretty difficult game. If I am asked to explain a game in a brief sentence, “It had awesome graphics but it only had one room.”

The Programming Environment

So, like every other year of my life, I’m brought to cubicle-land to deal with case 15 of our haughty fonts. Here I once again notice that the word resolution is uncomfortably high on the list. I’m once again resigned to my sad and pathetic pursuit. However, also like every other year, a much more promising candidate is brought to my desk. And so I do


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How To Install and Crack Biba`s Adventures € Hardcore Platformer:

  • Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP
  • Gotta Protectador Game Biba`s Adventures — Hardcore Platformer
  • Hack Mod Apk
  • Google Play

Biba`s Adventures – Hardcore Platformer features :

  • Game Biba`s Adventures – Hardcore Platformer is a difficult and addictive game. At times it will test your skills. You will have to overcome some new obstacles when playing this game, you will have to jump through gaps, shoot and dodge traps and use different to perform the required task.
  • Adventure Mode : 20 Points
  • Free Version : 20 Levels
  • Real Money Hack :

System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements:
Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.4 GHz
2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 (GeForce GTX 675M)
Windows 7 64 bit / 8 64 bit / 8.1 64 bit
Recommended system requirements:
Intel Core i5-3570K @ 3.5 GHz
2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (GeForce GTX 780 Ti)
Important Notes


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