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The core experience of Roblox is inspired by sandbox-style play, though it supports a fully featured virtual-reality (VR) version that runs as a mobile app. During gameplay, users assume the role of a first-person-shooter character, but they also have the ability to create their own games, characters, and worlds. Players design and program buildings, then invite friends to play in their creations. The platform supports both indoor and outdoor playgrounds.
Roblox was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, who were high-school friends. They were inspired by Nintendo and Crash Bandicoot, and they wanted to make a game that felt like fun. They released the game in December 2006 to a limited group of users, and they began to receive feedback from that limited audience. They created a response to the feedback, and they released the game to a wider audience in April 2007. After four months of playtesting, the game was still lacking, so they decided to give other people in the process of creating games a chance to see the game. They launched Roblox in April 2008. Users could host «rooms» that others could join, but membership in a room required a password that only the room owners had. The application also had an avatar editor that enabled users to customize their avatars.
Roblox launched on the web. They partnered with AOL for players to join the site through email, and they partnered with Facebook to allow users to join Roblox through a friend connection. All of the information users entered on Roblox was kept completely private.
In June 2011, Roblox launched a network of content providers called the Roblox Network. This allowed users to create their own games, add actors, and write custom content for the games they played. For example, users could create a game that was a first-person shooter like Roblox, but they could create custom environments with the ability to drive cars, fly planes, and more. This gave users more control over their experiences by helping to create new content.
The first games created on Roblox were text-based 2D browser games. Users could create their own text adventures or jump right into games created by other Roblox players.
When Roblox was young, only a few people used it. Many of those early users met by posting their games in the forums, and they were good friends. This relationship continued as they played games together through discussions, screenshots, and GIFs


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Friday, February 25, 2017

0:53 Added Three new methods in the Save Game file, one to prevent the game from crashing with certain virus removal software. Is not yet covered in developer guide.
3:35 Added Wolf, Zombie, Beetle, Fly in 3d view menu. Added Old Man Helmet, Small Metal Head, Small Metal Shirt, Player 1 Paint. Added Gun w/ No Ammo, Black Gun w/ No Ammo, Gun w/ Normal Ammo, Gun w/ No Scope, Flying Camera 3d View is now responsive to saves. 3d view returns to game after returning to main menu.
4:49 Added Flag! Added Bank Robber Suit, Halloween Hat, Robbery Wallet, Robbery Watch. Added 200% Clothing Item Drop, 500% Clothing Item Drop. Added Bank Robber Car, Robber 2d car, Leader Card, Bomber Jacket, Bomber Pants, Bomber T-Shirt, Bomber Rope Belt.
6:15 Added: File Transfer, File Transfer-Execute on Server, File Transfer-Follow IP, File Transfer-Non Execute, File Transfer-Show IP, File Transfer-Remote Start.
7:15 Added: Background, Background-Infinite, Background-Warm, Background-Light, Background-Shadow, Background-Color Set, Background-Custom. Background 15 types.
9:10 Added 100% Clothes Item Drop, Standard Clothes Item Drop, Red Flag, Red Hat, Fireplace, Teapot, Clock, Lamp, Yellow Lamp, Gold Lamp, Gold Lamp Normal, Gold Lamp Stacks, Gold Lamp On, Gold Lamp Off, Collection, Golden Ear, Collection Normal, Golden Ear Normal, Credits, Credits Normal, Gold RoboCoin (robux), Camera Shield, Metal Bank Shield, Metal Bank Shield Painted, High-Grade Scrap Metal Shield, Low-Grade Scrap Metal Shield, High-Grade Scrap Metal Shield Painted, 2× Premium Ammo, Z-Kick, Z-Kick Mode On, Z-Kick Mode Off, Bull Charge, Speed Buggy, Wagon.
10:06 Added Oil Well, Oil Well 10, Oil Well 100, and Oil Well 200.
11:21 Added Damage Meter, Damage Meter-Normal, Damage Meter-Robot, Normal Gun Silo, Gun Silo, Normal Gun Silo Silo, Gun Silo Silo, Large Gun Silo, Dragon Block,


What’s new:


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Is there any way to make a free robux?

a) is it possible?
b) can I just create a new account with the items, and then use the items and login to the same account?

Edit (ver.1.20): So I got the item access by code.
I tested it out, and it is working.


Edit #2 (ver.1.23): So I kept getting this message on all accounts when I tried to code the item:

Could not code item Access after verification.
The code specified can not be used.

I’m guessing I’m not able to use the code and was hoping there was some error message I was missing or something like that.

Anyone know how to fix that?

Edit #3 (ver.1.23): Still not fixed.

The answer is:

Code this item, save and close the program.
Go to a different program, load that saved code and close it
Go back to your first program and view your saved codes

Now you have a code for the item…

Edit #4 (ver.1.24): So I finally got it working.
The answer is that I had to use the old version of the code instead of the new one.
The codes must be saved to the account and not the computer, if the person trying to use the codes has a PC and an account.
Don’t forget to save the code to the account first before you start working. If you don’t have an account when you start coding, go make one. That’s where all the codes are.

Well it’s looking good so far. But, I got a question. Will having the codes for all the items make me rich really fast? Like, really rich?

This might be a dumb question, but, for how long will the codes last? I mean, I could buy all the items and even earn a lot of robux. But, I get a notification that the codes can’t be used, so will they last forever?

As long as you do not code until you buy them all, or ‘titel’ them, they will last forever, as long as your account is.

Only issue is codes will expire if you code while logged in, so if your account gets hacked, I would advise logging out.

Well it’s looking good so far.


How To Crack:


System Requirements:

I don’t want to list out features because they would be out in the open. But there are some minor differences.

Roblox Hacked MOD APK! Don’t panic! This is just a APK file, not a hacked one. You won’t find any new features, only a hack, I call it a hack because it doesn’t let users know what is really happening behind the scene. It has nothing to do with other reported mods, like spy ware, services, etc. This is done through legal means. The only drawback is that to use this hack, you have to be rooted. There is a tutorial on how to root it below.

As you may know, my profile in the forum is minexroad.

Why do I go through all this trouble? Because I am in love with this game. I used to spend thousands on real Roblox dollars, but now that I have access to a hack, I only want to play games on this. I don’t want to play other games because they will never have a “hacked” one.

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Share it on social media if you have the courage. Use this guide to root. You need to follow this. I will link you to the tutorial on the links and instructions. The free app. Rooted

How to Activate?



adb [ enter bootloader mode ] a [ enter download mode ] & [ flash the download] f [ install and open] l [ open download mode ] q [ exit download mode ] g [go back to main menu and see if the device is rooted]

I know, this is a tough manual, but I never used my phone’s device before. I rarely get any phone apps. I only root and use my Google Pixel and OnePlus. Use it as a reference if you don’t know what to do.




Dear reader, I wish I can give you a legal tutorial, but that will be next time. I hope to make a tutorial for you before making this. But right now, there isn’t any. This is done legally and my tutorial is free.

Thank you.

I hope this post will encourage you to get a


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