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Hi, I’m Ruth. I live in a small place in the middle of the world. I’m obsessed with stories — there’s very few things that I’m not read or write about. I like different kinds of stories, including fables, ghost stories, steampunk, science fiction, and other weird-sad-compelling things. I also like getting lost in a story, which I do a lot.
I’m also obsessed with jewelry. Some day I’ll be an artist, or some kind of jewelry maker. Or maybe I’ll be an owner of a jewelry store.

Those of you that know me, know that I wear a lot of hats. And in my «loose and grabby» way of life, I’m not so strict with wearing a uniform… If I’m not wearing a hat, it’s usually a scarf — a scarf that I made!

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Casey Paradisebirds Polar Lights Set 09
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Is there really a «set» to this book?. @RedwoodUK .
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