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• A classic choose-your-own-adventure
• More than half a million words with 200+ dialogues
• Cat activities in the LA nightlife, including power walking, climbing walls, and solving puzzles
• One of the first games to take the concept of cat-stealth into a nightmarish, futuristic dystopia
• Experience cat events in the real-life LA nightlife, including DJ parties, viewing parties, and late-night movie screenings
• No cats were harmed in the making of this game
• A cat’s best friend, your creativity, is all you need!

Natural crafting is a relaxing and entertaining game for everyone. It is a game, where you can play with your hands the most beautiful things and skills. In Natural Crafting you craft your own home in virtual space.

A huge 3D city with narrow streets and tall buildings, and a powerful spaceflight mechanic!

MAKE YOUR OWN WORLD in dozens of easy-to-use genres, customizing the look, gameplay, music, and settings of your city, like a true architect!

MAKE FURNITURE, build furniture for your house, choose from 4 different materials and customize your furniture.

BUILD A CURTAINS AND COVERS to protect your house from sunlight.

BUILD CABINS and add more floors to your house.

BUILD HOUSES, add further rooms, explore your house and move around inside.

BUILD CLOAKS and dresses to protect your house from cold, heat or rain.

BUILD LIGHT FURNITURE to give light to your house.

BUILD HOUSES, join several friends to make your own city in Family game mode

Beautifully detailed 3D graphics for 2 players in co-op

Cute and bright soundtrack

Bright night sky and night lights

A great stealth option for exploring

Fully-covering stealth mode

Rich customization options

Most Everything and Nothing — the entire world is yours to customise

A large and lovingly crafted mansion with dozens of areas to explore, and thousands of items to collect

A perfectly-designed home, an innovative and delightful crafting mechanic

A friendly and welcoming introduction to a new concept in gaming: a world of limitless possibilities.


A large mansion, full of items. No two houses are the same.



Features Key:

  • Cat’s Choice: The cat’s choice gives you a chance to try different combinations of cats.
  • Special Cats: Special cats are cats from all of your favorite species.
  • 20 Tips

    Level 1:

    • Rover: Drums, pizzas, coins, bell
    • Rover: Play yo way (to get hold of Rover)
    • Rover: ROAR!!!!
    • Wild cat: Carrot, Bacon, Purr-kicking bag, Woof-Woof toy
    • Wild cat: Play yo way (to get hold of Wild cat)
    • Cat: bells, bouncy ball, toys with variety of sounds, Pac-man-style, Zen Cat, Roar, Woof Wistful, Leaping Lemur
    • Flat-fish: Coins, bells, Rope, Spinmeister, Moonbeam

    Level 2:

    • Harvey: Out-of-the-box Cheetah, Pounce-Mittens, GlowPop, Crow Turd
    • Harvey: Play yo way (to get hold of Harvey)
    • Philip: Antenna, glowstick, bus-ticket, circus, Ant-Road-runner
    • Philip: Play yo way (to get hold of Philip)
    • Freddie: big moat, bulbs, laserpointer, Beamer, squeaky chains, robot

    Level 3:

    • Sidney: Kong, Flip-Flop, Monkey Trap, Face Mask, Sponge-Booger
    • Sidney: Play yo way (to get hold of Sidney)
    • Ben: Slingshot, back-scratcher, Egg-stoy, Jester-bunny, Nurse Paul
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      Choice Of The Cat Crack PC/Windows

      Choice of the Cat is an interactive narrative novel, with nearly 500,000 words of text and more than 600 choices. You can read it in any order you like, and it comes with no DRM, unlike other interactive ebooks.
      The game looks great! This is the third version of Choice of the Cat, and the first with hand-drawn art. I looked at the book samples the developers showed me in person, but this is the first I’ve read in all its hundreds of thousands of words, and I’m blown away. I really, really want to like this.
      I’ve read a lot of interactive stories, in various mediums. Most of them are crude and simplistic. The worst abuse the game engine by asking you to pick one of 20 bad choices. Even worse than that, sometimes the choices go badly, giving you no reward, or a reward that doesn’t make sense—perhaps because the author simply didn’t know a choice made sense! Some of these books are even written in HTML, with crude ad hoc bookmarks to remind you to read more, even though this is the 21st century! The resulting experience is, at best, novel, at worst, Kafkaesque. Choice of the Cat, in contrast, made me feel like my choices mattered.
      The cover art is the art of Tanya Sigman (b.1978, Montreal, Canada), a really lovely cat artist who went to school for it, and got a BA in graphic design as well. The book samples and the web site show many examples of her art—look her up!
      T.S. originally wrote the «choose your character» part of the game, then the cat handler «gets the bill» part was added by another author. For a while, TS’ book and handler were making a good living—the best thing ever—until the handler’s got nothing, and spent a year and a half writing a novel of her own…
      Well, what can I say? The game is an extended cat handler—and cat—tribute to TS, and an opportunity for different authors to make a name for themselves.
      I spent a few weeks creating a cat handler, and have been attached to the one I created ever since, so I was so happy to see TS’s handler—and cat—come back to the site! You must read the character interviews on the site to understand why she fell in love with her cat—as well as her determination to rescue, and then keep it,


      Choice Of The Cat Crack [Win/Mac] [2022-Latest]

      — Sneak, sneak, and pounce.
      The game doesn’t make any sound effects or music, the text-based nature of the game means that there are no graphics to load in other than a small screenshot or perhaps a tiny character to appear and walk around.

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      Control:Speed Abuse works in a pretty familiar way, which makes it fun even for people who haven’t played other games in the genre. You’ll be able to select your opponent by selecting their avatar, as well as adjusting the difficulty of the fight. Since it’s a 3D game, you’ll be able to also vary the environment as well, changing the background scenery and even the weather. The CPU or computer opponent will react to the type of attack you use, as well as how good of a time they get to perform their combo.
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      What’s new in Choice Of The Cat:

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