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Animal Run is a game by Sokpop Inc. where the world is your playground.
Through the use of your animal, defend against human enemies as you explore a
beautiful 3D environment.
Go in search of different items through 8 unique areas, where you will find
more and more enemies and levels.
Collect them all to be stronger than your opponent.
— Play your way:
— Build your own team and acquire an army of funny animals and powerful allies.
— Gain experience from battling against other players.
— Explore a huge world with over 35 playable locations.
— Build an empire by collecting resources from enemies.
— Create your own story by gathering locations, battling rivals and opening chests.
— Fight against 10 difficulty levels.
— Unlock new items and skills to customize your animal.
— Discover hidden items to further customize your army.
— Play several times with different characters to get better results.
— Increase in difficulty as you progress.
— Share your gameplay or sketches on social networks.
— Consistent updates with new content.
Beastrun is all about building a team that synergizes.
Create a party, equip items, skills and relics and watch how your team does against the teams of other players.
The skills you equip on units are automatically executed, so when battling you can just sit back and watch the battle resolve!
“Beastrun is a game full of adrenaline!”
“The design is plain but from a strategic point of view, everything is really well thought out.”
“There’s a lot of excitement and variety in the game.”
“I really like the anti-troll feature in the game that allows you to attack other players if they use a malevolent look or laugh at your troops.”
The good news is that once you start playing you will quickly understand why it’s so great.
The gameplay is simple.
Once you’re done creating you can join another one.
There are over 40 different characters and their skills to discover.
Let’s jump in and see how these beasts work.
The first thing you see when you start the game is a little banner, showing the current average global rating of the game.
This time the rating is 92/100.
You can see the difficulty setting and


Download ZIP —>>> DOWNLOAD

Download ZIP —>>> DOWNLOAD

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  • Region teleport



Developed by Yousai Kawazoe
Published by Yousai Kawazoe Studio
Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS
Available in North America only

Embrace your inner child and walk through the fascinating town with all its characters and activities. Play as two elementary school kids of different cultures who find themselves on a student exchange program. The characters move around the town depending on the time of day, but you are free to move anywhere at any time. You can meet the residents of the town, open up the eShop, get or play games, and take photos all from the comfort of your own home.

In this game, you can customize your own child’s name and also share your child’s (e.g. your son’s and daughter’s) photos with other people, both friends and relatives. There are also a number of minigames (including a Mario Kart mode for playing against friends) to enjoy.

Aside from «Dynamic Diorama,» another new feature of the Nintendo 3DS version of «WarioWare, Inc.: Hour of Mirth» is the ability to enjoy music and sounds. Although «Dynamic Diorama» is about changing the environment around you, it does not include music or sounds. The people in the game do not say anything, but you can hear the sound of the city slowly changing from one to the other.

«WarioWare, Inc.: Hour of Mirth» includes ten minigames, including «Fine Ball,» «Minigame Rally,» «Band-n-Brute,» and «Mario Kart,» plus various changes in the scenery. In the minigames, you can create your own character, your own song, and discover how your character behaves. You can also use your photos to play these minigames.

About the Game
Embrace your inner child and play as two elementary school kids who get involved in the daily struggles of life
Control your child as he or she moves about the town
Take photos and record video to share with other friends
Open the eShop and purchase games, other apps, and get information on newcomers and more
Exchange your child’s personality and its memories with your friends
Enjoy many surprises in the dynamic scenes
About the eShop and Nintendo Network features
The eShop feature allows you to purchase video games and other apps available through the Nintendo Network service. The Nintendo eShop allows you to check the latest software releases, purchase new titles, and keep


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Kagura Grans Roll:
Kagura Kazahana Roll:

The bundle includes full soundtrack from anime series, MONO (KOS-MOS) and BLUE EON from BLACKPINK.
They’re talking about bgm: This is an incredible piece of theme songs (including covers). It may be impossible to cover the theme song of the anime, MONO (KOS-MOS), by BLACKPINK with pianist Hwayoung herself. The foursome with Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé were able to complete the song, and even stepped up to the challenge of a piano accompaniment. So, have you listened? Do you have any BLACKPINK favorites?
About This ContentX is a new multi-game magazine, focusing on popular games, anime, and cosplay, also known as dressing up as the characters from the games. Be it, cosplay or just a new game, X has the right to cover it!1. Kagamine Rin/Loli Rin2. Kagamine Len3. Airis Quartet4. Mysterious Town5. Mad Manuel6. Mari.7. Chronosawa8. Lacrima9. Pyro Turn10. Chiyomaru Yonezawa11. Caroline Smile12. Bambi Muscular13. Agnes Fox14. Keiko15. Funky Tomoyo16. Tuniello Fel17. Kousaka Kou17. Kagamine Len18. Maria Rush Hour19. Snack Attack20. Jocchan’s Chibi21. SNSD Han Pasta
Upcoming Games
ReviewsIt’s… I mean… «I’m bored, and then you’re on my page, and then I’m looking at stuff, and then I got some photos, and then I click on them, and then I realize that you’ve all watched me watch these photos, and I’m just like, I’m kidding, I’m joking.» Everygirl, Everyboy, and the Kagerou-san character from Welcome to the Ballroom (WTB).- From the opening of the original video, to the introduction of You, It’s Like Yesterday (YTIY) — Contains 2.5 episodes of Welcome to the Ballroom, and 3 episodes of You, It’s Like Yesterday.

The following voice actors appear in this game:Anne Wojciechowski, Chris Lewis, Erin Fitzgerald, Noah Munck, Phoebe Ton


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