Driver Zinwell 80211g Wlan PCI Adapter

Driver Zinwell 80211g Wlan PCI Adapter

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Driver Zinwell 80211g Wlan PCI Adapter

Driver Windows 10 (32 / 64 Bit)  . ZIP: rt61fw.bin — Bluefire
rt61fw.inf Files Info — UPnP Strings.

For Windows 10, I’ve downloaded the latest rt61.inf and rt2870.inf files from the hardware manufacturer’s website.
But it shows errors during the installation process :

i found that my wifi card is this wifi PCI ivecam290g wireless adapter: (ZINWELL 80211g WLAN PCI Adapter, ZINWELL 80211g Wlan PCI Adapter  )
i found this wifi PCI zinwellW10 driver,and it’s rt61.inf file or rt2870.inf file,but there are too many zinwellW10 driver.i want only this one,so i can install it in my Win 10 64 can i do that?(the one i found maybe wrong,but it is ok)


use the driver you have.
Did you try just installing the drivers with Device Manager?

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