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Made by ChariotDragon, a small indie game developer, is a hardcore platformer for fans of the genre. It is a game inspired by the 80’s d&d games, even though is a vita game and not an isometric rpg.
This is an old game and needs some optimizations.
It has 7 levels and an epilogue in each.
It also can be found on www.chariotdragon.com
Your goal is to find the hidden exit and escape from the dungeon.
You are the dungeon pain maniac, and in this game, there is no escape.
Follow the music in the labyrinth, but beware, the traps are waiting for you.
My favorite part of this game:
The music is really good. You will enjoy it!
Also, there is a secret. After the game, go to the site:

Happy gaming!



«Sorcery: Curse of the Forsaken Gods» Graphics by Rtuacc

I’ve had this game for a while now and I just can’t stop playing it. There are many different enemies, with their own behaviors and attacks. The puzzles are incredibly difficult but they challenge you to push and explore even more.
«Sorcery: Curse of the Forsaken Gods» — One of the best single player RPGs I’ve ever played.
«Sorcery: Curse of the Forsaken Gods» — What?! Really?

«Sorcery: Curse of the Forsaken Gods»

«Sorcery: Curse of the Forsaken Gods» is a great game. It’s a single player RPG. Graphics are very good. It is very cute. What can I say more?

My favorite character is the cat with the hat. I feel more connected to this game because of him.

The story is cool. It gets better and better. Characters are interesting. They are nice, without any talking down to the player. The music is very good too. It plays only when you need it, but not too much. Is the only thing that I was not crazy about, I just love the music too much.

Gameplay is pretty good. Puzzles are fun. They are not too hard or easy. It’s just how you play them. Enemies are


Features Key:

  • Use to play Jumper Magic game, run download and install rules on android phone.

    When no connection to the internet, user can download the rules and first deck on the phone, and then play.

  • Use to play Jumper Magic draft deck, run download and install rules on android phone.

    When no connection to the internet, user can download the draft deck and run then to play.


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An epic Russian-themed bundle contains the following items:
— BMPT Mod.2017 Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer, Commander Alisa Korhonen
— 3 real-life Russian Airborne camouflages
— 50 Platinum Commander XP Insignia tokens
— 10 Platinum Armored Warfare 12-hour boost tokens
In Armored Warfare, the BMPT Mod. 2017 is a Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer and arguably the most powerful variant of the BMPT family. Like the others, it combines a tank hull with an unmanned turret, armed with two 30mm cannons as well as four missile launchers. Its thick armor and advanced ATGMs quickly made it one of the most feared vehicles of Tier 8 battlefields, a position it retains to this day.
Commander Korhonen’s unique ability is called Mysterious Stranger. When triggered, a hidden ally fires an additional guided missile at your target anywhere on the battlefield.
Play Armored Warfare today on the official website:
— go to the ‘Armored Warfare’ section
— find your game
— enter ‘Add Game’

The truck driver has driven on the rough road for over a dozen hours to reach the destination. It’s a clear, cold night and snow is falling from the sky. Darkness is approaching. The driver takes out the glasses he wears on his head and puts on the headset for his earphones. In his mind, the boss said he would provide a team of expert operators for the extraction. The soldier looked over the machine again and realized it wasn’t his first time in this crappy truck.
The radio suddenly announces that “the subject is moving.” The driver turns to his partner and asks if she heard the voice. She nodded. “There’s a camouflage on the window of the truck. The target cannot be shot from the flank.” The driver hears the voice and turns the head’s camera in that direction. He slows down and turns on the headlights. All of a sudden a light shines on the windshield. The driver was obviously alarmed. He even sped up, but it was useless. The spotlight remained on the truck. He realized that the enemy knew about their positions and were waiting for him to reach the road. “The commander instructed the radio operator to pass him the communications between us and the extraction team,” the driver remarked.
The next thing you know, the spotlight in the cabin stops shining on the driver’s head, and suddenly


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Robot Chase is a fast-paced, puzzle game that combines incredibly advanced platforming and physics with an old-school, throwback aesthetic. Engage in intense combat to destroy enemy robot invaders by slamming into them at high velocity or use your gravity-defying powers to maneuver through dangerous platforms.
Feast your eyes on our favorite features:
• Play through 3 exciting worlds — known as levels — in an ever-evolving gaming experience.
• Zero gravity gameplay — jump and maneuver through exciting segments of level with the help of your gravity powers.
• Behemoth-sized enemies — from giant crabs to space robots to robots disguised as animals, game-changers are everywhere.
• Intricate physics — explore different levels at breakneck speed, while engaging in a variety of dynamic gameplay experiences.
Adventures in the 3D universe of Robot Chase are your journey to seek, find and destroy the invading robot army. You control a hero who absorbs the environment around him as he fights his way through to the end of each level. Your character evolves as he collects the parts and technology of his environment. The final challenge is to battle the evil robot king himself.
The Robot Chase team is known for its successful games like Fantabulous Soup, Meow Meow and Excitebike. These previous games and many more are available free with no up-sells, and the Robot Chase franchise is supported by a large fan base that is eager to try new games.
2 Responses to “ROBOT CHASE – Explore 3D, Run and Jump to Defeat Giant Enemies. Gameplay”

I noticed the first game in the series “Robot Chase” and was completely confused at first, but after searching the Internet for some help with the game I found your site. Thank you for posting this information. Please continue to update the rest of your site for more help on Robot Chase games. I am in particular looking for a website that may help with the second game in the series, but I have also been able to link that game to the article here. Thank you very much for your help in this matter and hope to see more of your informative articles in the future. Thanks again for helping me in my search for the Robot Chase games.
P.S. If I’m not clear enough, I apologize.

I am glad you found the article and can see that the game Robot Chase has helped you. We always strive to have the most


What’s new:

For several years after the experience, Ray had no interest in returning to
high school as a regular student. She no longer worked with animals.
Taking a few different jobs helped her; and then a broke friend, who
did bodybuilding, persuaded Ray to enter herself into a bodybuilding
competition where she placed 8th in the entire, male division…which
basically meant she won the Universe of Woman contest that evening.
After doing outreach in the Los Angeles area, and working with NASA’s
External Operations program, she found work in a kids based program in Los
Angeles helping underprivileged kids, many who had been physically
and/or sexually abused. Helping those kids brought
a new element into her life: action! For many years she had stayed
precisely because, other than the serene experience of being a recluse, she
was totally helpless.

But one day her old friend, Erik, called her again; “Hey, Ray, do you
remember our conversations about our ‘Out Of The World’ dream…” Erik
had shared a dream he had in which he saw ships with flashing lights coming
to meet him on Earth.

He had felt very worried that there was no way he could live with knowing
that it was aliens coming to visit us. But after our conversations, he
felt free: He wasn’t
any longer confused. Looking back on it, it was very clear to him
that there was no way we could be alone in the universe. But when he
tried to tell his wife about his dream, she was angry at him, and thought
he was crazy.

Not so! He believed his life might be in danger, so he finally decided to
ask her to get a Reiki treatment with him. Erik had received Reiki healing
in a Tibetan monastery many years earlier, and was eventually able to trust

A few days after getting his wife’s Reiki treatment, he took her to the
Rideau Rock in Vancouver, Canada: This was the highest place they could
see from Vancouver. He said the Rock showed him that the ship would come
from the north, down the west coast, and into the Pacific Ocean, and
would arrive in an area right in front of his feet. They were standing on
Duke’s Rock, overlooking the ocean, looking back on Vancouver.

By now Ray knew that


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■The seventh series of the world famous BLAZBLUE manga, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, is set to release in North America, Europe and other regions in early 2017.
“XBlaze Code: Embryo” is a prequel visual novel that takes place in the BlazBlue universe before the events of “Continuum Shift” (BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger) and follows the story of Touya Kagari, a high school boy who one fateful day is transported to a different reality, where he is helped by a girl he does not understand. In this unknown world, Touya seeks to understand this strange new reality and to restore it back to its original state.
“XBlaze Code: Embryo” introduces new characters who are enigmas to Touya as he works to understand what has happened to his world and how it will affect the future.
From the game’s lead designer and Scenario Chief of the BlazBlue series of games, Makoto Tamura, comes a new BLAZBLUE project that offers a different approach from the series’ established gameplay.
■Direct, stylish anime.
“XBlaze Code: Embryo” is a BLAZBLUE visual novel where the story is narrated in a manner like that of a traditional anime with an opening and ending.
The story of “XBlaze Code: Embryo” is voiced by the voice actors of the popular BLAZBLUE anime series and the music of the game is composed by one of the series’ veteran composers, Shoji Meguro.
■Incredible art style.
“XBlaze Code: Embryo” is completely drawn in a 2D style and features distinct character models that reflect the style and rhythm of anime.
When playing, “XBlaze Code: Embryo” features an illustrative 2D animation that adds atmosphere and depth to the characters and background art.
■True to BlazBlue, the plot of “XBlaze Code: Embryo” is interwoven with references to other characters and events in the BlazBlue world.I am the first to admit that about most of them. I have been at work in the industry since the late 90’s, and have been to a lot of shows. I have seen good times and awful times. A lot of times we see the same trends repeated year after year


How To Crack DrummingVR:

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System Requirements For DrummingVR:

Technical Requirements:
Legal Requirements:
This is the first version of the last year’s showcased gameplay footage.Since it was aimed to be a public showcase, I chose to not go with the “polished” look because, well, it’s just simply not at this level. This means that there’s still a lot of “roughness”, and things aren’t as clean as they are in the UI and Graphics. Still, even the “premium”



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