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‘Elden Ring’ is a fantasy action RPG with a unique world and story, and designed by RPG Game Designer Madotsuki. It is the direct sequel to ‘Elden Ring Online’ and is supported by the Steam version.

Elden Ring Website:


1.1. Version 1.1.2:

-Made compatible with new version of iOS

1.1. Version 1.1.1:

-Made compatible with new version of Android

1.1. Version 1.1:

-Updated iOS App Store info.

-Improved the browser’s load time performance

1.0. Version 1.0:

-Improved the English language option.

-Added the option to select which of the area’s faraway lands you want to summon a land when starting.

-Added the option to select the number of items to equip when starting.

-Improved the accuracy of the Equip UI.

-Added initial support for the English language


1.0.4 (2017.01.01):

-Fixed a bug where the option to change the name of a faraway land was not being displayed correctly.

-Fixed a bug where the color of a faraway land’s border was not being displayed correctly.

-Improved the portability of the game’s executable.

-Fixed a bug where the game would freeze if the character’s portrait was set to «Rookie» at the beginning.

-Improved the game’s stability.

-Added support for screenshots.

-Added the option to keep the screen on while playing the game.


-Fixed a bug where the water balloons would not be displayed in the water balloon battle.

-Added the option to specify the number of the land drop rate to be determined on that day.

-Added the option to specify the number of the faraway lands to be summoned to be determined on that day.

-Added the option to specify the difficulty of that day’s battle mode to be determined on that day.

-Improved the performance of the game in the background.

-Added the option to select the difficulty of the battle mode when starting


Features Key:

  • By playing alone or with friends, a higher level can be obtained.
    Even if you play alone, a hard mode, named the Graveyard Hard mode, can be selected. The name is temporary. In addition, strong enemies appear in the Graveyard Hard mode.
  • Play with a large party, or with large scale events.
    You can play with a party of up to 10 characters in multiplayer mode. But you can also enter a new adventure and drag people in as you progress.
  • Battles against other players become more fierce.
    The leader of a party that you join will be in charge of monitoring the battle. You can also use a “heroes” or “summoner” that is special in the party as the battlefield commander. As a result, you can enjoy a more exhilarating campaign battles.
  • Information about the game can be found on
    files/eldendungeon»>SpritesForums and SpriteMods.

    Tue, 18 Jul 2018 20:24:21 GMTHello!I think you forgot to put the release date of the patch ^^
    You should add the date to be «today» to lower the annoyance for the players..

    Here you have all my opinions and request.
    The first 4 complaints, I’ll give my opinion for each one:
    The first complaint, I mostly agree with the error: «a domain name is not a password….»
    Since the Graphic Langage goes to French, I understand this one..
    You said it’s because of your personal preference of french localization…


    Elden Ring With Key (Latest)

    “Game-Centric focus or curious experience?”

    — GameCenter Game Reviews

    “The most dynamic and attractive action RPG title in Japanese gaming”

    — Famitsu (overall rating of 9.0)

    “Amazing graphics, excellent gameplay, great new dungeon systems, this game truly brings a great new experience.”

    — Nintendo World Report (No. 1 game)

    “The graphic quality is spectacular, and the game is making excellent use of 3D technology.”

    — Game Informer

    “Amazing real-time battle system, astonishing graphics”

    — Tokyo Game Show 2015

    From the Developer of the “Arrow” hit action RPG series


    ■ Traversing the World of “Lands Between”

    Explore the huge world of “Lands Between”, an enormous world that seamlessly connects multiple areas, such as plains with sunny days and scorching nights, mountains, valleys and snow-capped islands.

    The reality of this world is that of a dream. No matter where you go, you will always find that something is extraordinary and exciting. However, be careful as sometimes “Lands Between” can become a dangerous place with unclear dangers.

    ■ A Visual Experience that Will Impress Everyone

    The Real-Time Strategy battles of the Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version game are enhanced by the gorgeous 3D visuals and deeply impressive CG scenes. A large-scale, time-sensitive, battle scene has never been expressed with more beauty and power.

    ■ The Power to Create Your Own Adventure

    Choose from five races, and fully customize your character’s looks and skills using the ARK system, granting the power to create your own adventure.

    The character creation process is fun and easy, and players can exchange equipment easily. Using the system, you can express the unique characteristics of your own character.

    ■ Get to the Main Story Events Using the Game’s Instant Action Battle System

    The Live Battle system of the Elden Ring game is featured in the main story and dungeons.

    A real-time, time-sensitive battle system allows you to enjoy battles with all sorts of wild monsters by rapidly selecting and customizing your attacks.

    ■ Established Character Relations with Other Characters

    You will become acquainted with a wide variety of


    Elden Ring 2022


    ◆ 1. Exploration and Dispatch of Enemy Units
    The main feature of an exploration-based action RPG is to fight against units that wander around.
    In addition to the usual exploration, the game supports free movement that does not adhere to the map. You can travel freely anywhere in the game world and fight enemy units or unlock secrets.
    The game advances by means of the team experience (XP) that you receive as you fight against enemies. The experience is used to purchase new items from the NPC shop at world maps or at the city of skills that appear as gateways to distant lands.
    You can transfer the team experience you earn into your party. By advancing your team experience, the character you have created will continuously develop.
    ◆ 2. Characters
    You will raise a team of friends, such as fighting warriors, cavalry, guards, and field wizards. You can collect their skills in large towns, or you can directly acquire them from monsters that wander in the game world. The player can also raise them by purchasing skills from the town of skills.
    You can equip these characters with weapons, armor, and magic. You can freely adjust their attributes and decorations. You can also mix and match these items and create your own team.
    ◆ 3. Upgrading the Team
    You will gradually acquire in-depth information about your character and battle devices. You can level-up your character by using the points you have acquired as you advance through the game.
    You can also use the points to purchase items such as equipment and/or weapons.
    ◆ 4. Development of the Group
    You can acquire in-depth knowledge about the battle devices and techniques of the team by directly observing and understanding the results of battles. You can become stronger as the battle advances.
    Moreover, you can equip your team to make your unit more powerful. You can make a more powerful team by raising the level of the team experience.
    ◆ 5. Command: Action and Strategy in Battle
    As battles are fought with your team, you can develop your strategy by observing the team’s attack patterns.
    You can choose the optimal strategy by using the various items available for your team. You can attack the enemy’s weak points and win the battle.
    ◆ 6. Alternative Battle Methods
    You can issue commands to your character directly from the battle screen.
    You can issue commands such as magic attack, raid attack, and maneuver.
    ◆ 7.


    What’s new:

    Expected worldwide release
    SCE's hot new action RPG, The Elden Ring, is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in North America on January 30, 2020, and in PAL regions worldwide on February 12, 2020. For more information on this game, visit

    Atomic Paxton is a specialty game development company based in Michigan. Atomic Paxton designs and develops video games for major game companies, mobile app companies and customers. Atomic Paxton is passionate about bringing games that connect gamers to new content.   We bring the pageantry of classic RPGs alongside a high threshold of difficulty in new and interesting ways. 


    For the latest, check out: 




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    System Requirements:

    Before downloading, please make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements. If you do not meet the requirements, consider whether you want to install this game.
    CPU: Intel i5 Quad Core or higher.
    RAM: 4GB or higher
    OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit)
    DirectX: Version 11 or later
    Input: Keyboard and mouse
    Controller: Some games may require a gamepad (e.g. PS4)


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