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❝ — A story created by the people who are passionate about

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Ionic cordova phonegap image upload

I am trying to upload an image on my cordova app.
I use cordova-plugin-file to manage files, and I use this code to upload them :
var img = document.getElementById(‘file-upload-image’).files[0];
var filePath = cordova.file.dataDirectory + ‘/’ + img.name;

This code work fine if I change the selected element with a input (typical html input tag with type:file).
But it seems I can’t have this type of input for my ionic element, so I have the following code :

Upload New Picture

Select an Image


Features Key:

  • An expansive fantasy world and brand new full-3D action RPG gameplay that combines a unique combination of turn-based and real-time battle.
  • Customize your own character and add accessories to make your character look the way you want. Equip your weapons, armor and magic using the equipment you create, and develop your character to suit your play style.
  • An exciting and colorful game with amazing graphics and animations, a wide range of enemies, various environments and items to fight against, and over the course of your adventures, you can further customize your character’s appearance.
  • A game that asks you to think for yourself. Combining pure role-playing and fun storytelling, this game provides many opportunities for you to shape your own experience through your actions.
  • Enhanced action RPG with powerful Gem, In-Game Items and EvolveGems. Expand your allies with Gem and items as you struggle against others and defeat hordes of monsters.
  • Features of Elden Ring:

    • Freely build your own character, equipped with a powerful weapon and customizable gear, attack and magic skills to make them your own. You can freely customize your character’s appearance and develop new sets of equipment and accessories to strengthen and enhance your character.
    • Discover and fight through a variety of enemies on your travels. Each and every enemy has their own attack skill and value your action wisely to defeat them.
    • Combine and add powerful Gem, In-Game Items and EvolveGems with which you can grow your allies and expand your party. Attach or combine features with the powerful and modern Gem Trade that begins at the end of the game.
    • A Fantasy Anime Action RPG Game Full of Excitement
      A huge fantasy world full of playful scenarios, thus create the life of your dreams with your choices.
    • Rich Systems and Content with Deep Characterization
      A variety of characteristic heroes and unusual roles, enjoy a game full of depth.

    And more details for Elden Ring

    • • As a Responsible Game Company, we have given great attention to keeping our supporters’ pride and excitement from the start, by promising all of the relevant explanation about


      Elden Ring Activation Code [32|64bit] [Updated] 2022

      This awesome game is well worth a look and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

      Edit: I would like to point out that this game was among my most anticipated this year. I can say with some certainty that it is one of the greatest games to be released this year and definitely deserves the OVER 9000 POWER RANKINGS spot as the #1 RPG.

      The graphics are absolutely stunning. Everything in this game looks and feels very realistic. The world, the characters, the monsters, the weaponry, the items, the dungeons — everything. Characters aren’t just rendered like glitched out pixels and cubes, but the artists actually went through painstaking effort to make everything look perfect. The sound is equally as good and the music adds to the atmosphere of the game as well as the adrenaline it pumps into you.

      The gameplay is unique and while it does share a small amount of similarities with Monster Hunter, such as gathering materials and then using your newly found items and materials to craft weapons and armor, but none of the actions feel repetitive and what makes this game so different from Monster Hunter is that you can forge your own weapons and armor as well as you can use any found armor to make your own.

      It’s also a different type of game. More than Monster Hunter in that way. There are no big bosses, no grind, no RPG elements and most importantly you can make and swap between six different weapons and eight different sets of armor with any combination you want. I loved Monster Hunter but this is a different type of game. There are no monsters to hunt down and slay, but instead when you encounter new monsters or dungeons, you can decide which strategy you want to use to defeat them. If you’re hungry, you can use your character’s strength to overwhelm the enemy, if you want to use a stealthy method you can use traps to your advantage, you can look for armor and weapons and reforge your equipment and it’s all up to you.

      There is also something else you can do that you can’t do in Monster Hunter, you can fight alongside monsters and over time you can learn their attributes and skills.


      Elden Ring Crack + With Full Keygen For PC






      Release Date :July 20, 2018 (Thu.)

      Game Type :PlayStation 4

      Region :America (US & Canada)

      Language :English

      Genre :Role-Playing Game / Action

      Director :Sergei Morozov

      Writer :George Tabotu

      Producer :Dave Garcia

      Studio : Bandai Namco Studios / Altimax

      Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

      Official info:

      Developer : Bandai Namco Studios / Altimax

      Game : Elden Ring

      Genre : Role-Playing Game / Action

      Release Date : July 20, 2018 (Thu.)

      Platform : PS4

      Language : English

      “Elden Ring / Decentralized non-linear Action RPG”

      — Win, lose, or draw; exactly what will you do?

      A brand new fantasy action RPG. A game that lets you win by defeating your enemies, lose by being slain, or draw by controlling your fate at the same time. A game where you can know the outcome of the battle. A game where you can influence the future at the same time you fight!

      What is a Decentralized role-playing game that is a true online game? It is a game where you and your allies face overwhelming challenges simultaneously, while collecting valuable data about the dangers around you.

      For example, you may get a notification telling you to pay a visit to a town where monsters are gathering. In the fight that comes later, you have no idea who is going to win!

      In the meantime, you can travel to unexplored places with your allies, and meet new people who will help you.

      What would that world be like if the RPG genre were open to multiplayer?

      “Elden Ring / Decentralized non-linear Action RPG”

      — Wait, what?

      Elden Ring is a game that encompasses both a single-player mode and an online multiplayer mode. The single-player mode lets you control one character, while


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      A device form factor which allows you to enjoy affordable content for up to 4 players.
      • A Device for Media Games that Allows Powerful Multitasking
      The OUYA is a game device which allows you to enjoy your favorite content with the trusty button held in your hand.
      • Enjoy Awesome Content for up to 4 Players
      Enjoy content that includes the well-known light gun shooting games and the RPG genre without spending a dime.
      • The Ability to Play on Multiple Screens for up to 4 Players
      In this kind of world where we leave the living room behind, the local and global game players are able to enjoy playing a game together.

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      Red Hot Chili Peppers. «Can’t Stop. Don’t Stop.»]

      This track gained new prominence as Miley Cyrus shared a video for her new song «Wrecking Ball» that shows a Washington State University baseball team being benched for a game because «they was so ‘angry'».

      Skrillex — «Burn» [From ‘Bangarang!’]

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      Swedish house producers Stakka Bo and Joy Orbison’s «IDGAF» [From ‘IDGAF’ (original mix)]

      Destructo’s «Devs


      Free Elden Ring Crack License Keygen [Mac/Win]

      1. Download ELDEN RING game installer.

      2. Install the game.

      3. Once installed, start the game.

      4. You’ll then be taken to the game main menu.

      5. Select «Install / Activate».

      6. You’ll then be presented with the License Key.

      7. Enter the License Key and follow the instructions to activate the game.

      8. Now follow the in-game instructions to download and install the game update.

      9. Once installed, start the game.

      10. You’ll then be taken to the main menu.

      11. Select «Continue» to continue playing.

      12. You’ll then be presented with a screen saying «Welcome to the Elden Ring!».

      13. Hit «Continue» to start the game.

      14. Follow the in-game instructions to create a party.

      15. Setup a PVP server.

      16. Add members to your party.

      17. Join the M’haji server.

      18. Follow the in-game instructions to battle.

      19. Start exploring.

      20. Follow the in-game instructions to upgrade equipment.

      21. Equip your character.

      22. Explore.

      23. Progress through the game.

      24. Once you’re done playing, head to the «My Profile» menu and hit «Continue».

      25. A loading screen will appear.

      26. Hit «Continue» to continue playing.

      27. Head to the «My Profile» menu and hit «Continue».

      28. A loading screen will appear.

      29. Hit «Continue» to continue playing.

      30. A loading screen will appear.

      31. Hit «Continue» to continue playing.

      32. A loading screen will appear.

      33. Hit «Continue» to continue playing.

      34. A loading screen will appear.

      35. Hit «Continue» to continue playing.

      36. A loading screen will appear.

      37. Hit «Continue» to continue playing.

      38. A loading screen will appear.

      39. Hit «Continue»


      How To Crack:

    • Step 1: Extract the installer into your desired location.
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    Now download the Crack by above download link and extract it using WinRAR or any other archiving software.
    Launch Crack file with your Launcher.
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    System Requirements:

    Most Recommend:
    Playstation®4 (1080p HDTV or equivalent)
    Additional Notes:
    Other Notes:
    What’s New:
    NEW: Immortalz developed the following content for this Update:
    -Added new Divination Feat: Enlightened Divination (Current Familiarity)
    -Added new Enchanting Feat: Lacerated Enchantment
    -Added new Tailoring Feat: Compartmental Dress
    -Added new Prayer Feat: Erebor’s


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