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FIFA Soccer simulates the high-velocity motions of the game by making players flexibly and realistically react on the field. Players’ acceleration, speed and agility are combined with a realistic physics engine to simulate the high-speed impacts that occur during a football match. The new motion capture technology is used to significantly enrich player models and physics simulations.

FIFA 20 introduced many new gameplay enhancements and refinements, including FanVision, Player Impact, Ball Physics and more. And FIFA 21 took players to the next level with Player Impact Refinement and Player Trajectory refinements.

FIFA 22 is a step beyond.

Announcing the new “Revolution in TV Channels – All-New Match Detail” mode

The “Revolution in TV Channels” mode in FIFA 22 is the world’s first major upgrade to the TV channel presentation since FIFA 11.

Under this mode, customized graphics are used to give you an all-new, high-definition game view as you watch. The game is rendered to match the native video resolution of the display, which lets you enjoy all the stunning details, such as the game’s background and stadium, players, referees and mascot characters.

True-to-life miniaturized player models, the ability to zoom in on the ball, rotational camera effects, eight ambient background song options, and a new lighting system – these are just some of the improvements you can expect in “Revolution in TV Channels.”

Here are some screenshots of the new mode:

Revolution in TV Channels: Player Animations

Revolution in TV Channels: Players’ Glance and Movements

Revolution in TV Channels: Smart Visual Techniques

Revolution in TV Channels: Game View Mode

Revolution in TV Channels: Match Length

Revolution in TV Channels: Durations for Goals and Cards

Revolution in TV Channels: Scoreboard

For more information about “Revolution in TV Channels” in FIFA 22, please visit:

We hope that you will enjoy our most important update in many years.

The FIFA TeamAbout the primary sponsor:

Tight Lines’ primary sponsor is John H. Land O’Lantern Growers,


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Featuring unparalleled authenticity on the pitch, Ultimate Team has evolved. Alongside the addition of today’s most in-demand players to your squad, Players create their own personalised team kits, a process which is no less authentic than the original. Master and progress tactics further with Manager Training and Tactics, plus new settings that run the gamut of modern tactics.
  • Dynamically power a unique style of play with gameplay that adapts to players and their in-game actions.
  • Featuring new AI systems that give reactions and reactions to the type of tactics you use.
  • Battle real-world clubs in multiplayer matches and compete to beat the best players in the world and earn the rewards you desire.


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EA SPORTS FIFA™ is the world’s most popular sports video game franchise. For more than 22 years FIFA has given fans unprecedented opportunities to experience the thrill of sports at the highest level, right down to the smallest details.

What is FIFA Live™?

EA SPORTS FIFA Live is the official videogame simulation of the FIFA World CupTM. It brings the euphoria of the World Cup to your home. Players can join millions of others across the world, and take full advantage of the highly immersive environment to make an impact on the matches.

What is Mobile?

We make football more accessible than ever before with a brand new, deep online experience that brings the core FIFA gameplay to your mobile device.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

Building and managing the ultimate team of real football stars is a game in itself, making this the perfect venue for couch football and social interaction.

What is FIFA Street™ Live?

EA SPORTS FIFA Street Live features authentic football moves and tackles plus authentic passing and shooting accuracy, all captured in 360°. So you get the full on street football experience no matter how you play. It’s street football made easy.

What is the FIFA World Player Showcase?

Set to play at the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil, the Showcase is the ultimate FIFA World Cup — gaming experience. Use the new 1 VS. 1 mode to see which FIFA World Cup™ stars will go the furthest.

What is FIFA Ultimate Edition?

The long-awaited sequel to the original FIFA Ultimate Edition will bring back the authentic competition from the early 90s – including the 1994 World Cup™ – to life on Wii and 360.

What is my players level, rating or career?

Your Player Level is based on a multitude of factors, including your experience in FIFA games, training, trophies earned and your match statistics. If you are not scoring at a consistent rate, your Player Level could be decreasing. Players who reach a high level have an edge over others in squad selection and your Manager has the ability to bring on more experienced players to boost your squad.

Your Player Level is based on a multitude of factors, including your experience in FIFA games, training, trophies earned and your match statistics. If you are not scoring at a consistent rate, your Player Level could be decreasing. Players who reach a high level have an


Fifa 22 Serial Key For PC [Updated]

Pick from more than 2,300 unique players. Over 75 million gamers have already been playing in the ultimate battle for glory.

Create your dream team from a broad range of quality players, including the licensed players from all six clubs in the Premier League.

In FUT, you have the ability to create your perfect team, from formation to finishing style to your preferred playing style. You can also share your team with your friends, and invite them to play alongside you in FUT.


A galaxy of Goalkeepers* – create goalkeeping history and save stunning goalkeepers from around the world.

Rise up the ranks with the new Focus Assessment System. Pin point your opponents, and attack the ball with every touch. Test your skills against world class goalkeepers.

Be immersed in the epic goals as you work your way to becoming the best Goalkeeper in the world.

Play your way to victory and experience the most significant celebrations in football history.

* Goalkeepers in the game are not related to your squad.

The official game for FIFA – and the fastest, most realistic football game on the market. Featuring real-world graphics, real-world gameplay, real-world conditions. Play in real-world stadiums and league rules with official clubs, and make your rivalries real.

Play the way the pros play with 5 authentic, licensed English Premier League Clubs. Or play in 7 leagues, with 5 competitions, local, continental and worldwide, in over 70 competitions from the UEFA Champions League to the more obscure UEFA Intertoto Cup.



I’m a 19 year old girl with a really quiet personality. I don’t really like partying but I’m always up for some fun. I’m kind of shy at first but once you get to know me I can be very open and honest.

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team: Introducing All-Time Legends — 15 all-time greats take the field at once, earn experience and star ratings to rank them against one another.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team LIVE — Play LIVE matches and battle for weekly accolades. Over $10 MILLION in prizes can be won in FIFA Ultimate Team LIVE.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team Draft — Player or item draft allows you to build your own club and load them into FIFA Ultimate Team with custom team kits and logos. Craft the perfect team and compete for big rewards!
  • Body Awareness — Dynamic player movement lets you control a player’s four major areas of the body: Left and right arm, left and right leg, head, and body. Showcase your skills as a player by controlling your strength, power and unpredictability.
  • Mastery Trainer — Coaching Sessions allow you to perfect your footwork, heading and shooting and ultimately score amazing goals.
  • New Playmaker Dynasty Mode — Create your very own Fantasy Football club or take charge of a real-life lower league outfit.
  • New Tactical View — Take control of your players’ positions when choosing your tactics. The player profile now shows the positioning of other players and when taking over during an interactive experience.
  • ALL players now have immersive facial expressions specific to the camera angle and perspective – players react to attack, improve performance, and keep track of positions, stats and tactical awareness.
  • Make Your Mark — Scoring in-game comes alive with a new facial expression and celebration animations, inspired by the game’s more than 200 licensed players.
  • New Pivot System — Increases ball trajectory when struck in specific angles so you can perfectly time run challenges and control how your attack progresses.
  • Reverse Tackle — Now lets you execute a near perfect directional tackle with precise control.
  • FIFA 22 introduces «HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.
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    FIFA is the World’s biggest and most famous football series. Comprised of football, the football series developed by EA Canada is released yearly in FIFA, FUT Championship Series, Pro Clubs and FIFA Mobile.

    What is FIFA Ultimate Team™?

    FUT Ultimate Team is a 24/7 game mode and the number one card collection game. FUT Ultimate Team allows you to collect and play with your favourite soccer players and build dream teams.

    FIFA Ultimate Team™ challenge modes are all about winning challenges in FUT with real players! Utilise various ‘cards’ to field a squad with the right tactics, and be sure to take advantage of the various game modes, and use the free transfer market to strengthen your Ultimate Team™.

    FIFA Ultimate Team™ features:

    • Pick your favourite player — and prepare a team with them

    • Raise your stardom rating — as you play with and against real people

    • Transfer other players for a low cost — or spend big on a big transfer

    • Be the first to ‘grow’ your Ultimate Team™

    • Enjoy more 3D-animated moments than ever in FIFA Ultimate Team™

    Download FIFA Ultimate Team™

    FUT cards have been designed and created by football fans, just like you, for use in FIFA Ultimate Team™ and in a FIFA Ultimate Team™ challenge.

    They can be used with real people in the game, and can be combined with other FUT cards (e.g. The Best Card of All-Time™) as an item to form a team of your dreams!

    • A unique ‘breakthrough’ team that will score and defend like no other.

    • The top card in the FIFA 22 catalog.

    Purchase FIFA 22 cards with real money

    Download FIFA 22 + FIFA Pro Clubs

    Download FIFA 22 with Pro Clubs Season Pass

    Full Season Pass allows you to play all modes from FIFA 22.

    FIFA Pro Clubs take the top card collection game to the next level. Enjoy the all new FUT mode, challenge your friends and experience «Card Collection Mastercard».

    FIFA 22 Tournaments

    Compete in tournaments for season points, and check your rankings to make sure you’re the top player.


    Improve your card collection by winning matches and unlocking better characters


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