Flink v1.0.0Beta – WordPress App Builder (Auto WordPress to Native.

Flink v1.0.0Beta – WordPress App Builder (Auto WordPress to Native.


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How do I add data validation to a cell?

This is the list of available data validation buttons in Excel. My question: Can I add an «other» button to that list?
I want to add a button that allows the user to pick from a list of values that are not part of the current list of option buttons.
For example, this screenshot shows the table below has three cells; «Date», «Wkly Sales» and «Qtr Sales». I want to give the user a choice of «Day» and «Week» when they type a date in the «Date» cell. Currently, the only options are the date values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc. If the user enters the date «1/1/1997» then they should be presented the list of values «1/1/1997″,»2/1/1997″,»3/1/1997», etc.
I think they would be presented a «Day» and «Week» dropdown list where they could select Day or Week from.
Here is another example where I want to add the «other» button when the user types a value in the «Qtr Sales» cell.

The list of available data validation buttons include Month, End Month, Quarter, Today, Week, Day, Weekday, Month, Quarter and Year. I would like to add the «other» value to that list.
Also, how can I do the same thing for a table where each cell in the table has a different control?


The link in my answer to user1986692 provides a list of all valid options, but below is a more robust «create your own» way of getting all the data validation options that provide yes/no validation in a tabular interface.
Note: the link to the Microsoft page suggests a date of 10/29/2016. However, the link that I included is the latest version at the time of this writing, so be aware that it may change in the future.

Open Tools > Data Validation
Choose «Custom Formula»

The first cell we need to add data validation to is the cell below the one we want to be able to select a range of dates. To do this, the first cell with a data validation option is selected, then

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