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How to force protractor / cucumber to use an external npm package?

I want to run protractor tests using the same cucumber tests that were developed using grunt. All of the examples I found on how to do this involve packaging protractor into a npm module and requiring that.
I don’t want to do that, it’s too much work, it’s too complicated, it doesn’t scale, etc.
I found instructions at Getting Protractor out of the way, but when I try to import the module:
import ‘./package.json’

I get an error:
Error: Not found: package.json at /Users/me/github/ngui/node_modules/protractor-cucumber-typescript/lib/index.js

I tried changing «package.json» to «index.js» or even «/index.js» and I get the same error.
Is there some other file I should be importing, or some other magic I need to do?
Here’s the package.json contents of protractor-cucumber-typescript:
«name»: «protractor-cucumber-typescript»,
«version»: «0.1.0»,
«devDependencies»: {
«@types/cucumber»: «^2.1.0»,
«@types/mocha»: «*»,
«@types/node»: «*»,
«chai»: «^4.1.2»,
«cucumber»: «^3.0.3»,
«»: «^1.10.17»,
«del»: «^5.1.0»,
«fast-csv»: «^1.0.1»,

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