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Roblox is a game platform created by first-time game developers and is currently owned by the same company that owns the online game platform, LUXU. The platform launched in December 2004, and by 2006, it had attracted over 50 million users, most of whom were children and teenagers.
The platform operates similarly to other game platforms, such as YouTube, Mixi, MOG, and Vine, wherein players create and develop games, as well as play games created by others. Created in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, Roblox was launched and developed by LeapFrog Enterprises, a subsidiary of Zepplin Entertainment.
Roblox’s platform features a central database that contains details about games, users, developers, and company information. Users can access their personal list of games and developers from any computer. The users can also communicate with each other and interact with the developers, allowing them to make in-game purchases to earn Robux and develop new games. Roblox also provides games to play for free, and some of the free games have in-game purchases available to purchase additional content.
Roblox is an online game platform where users can create games, play games created by other users, and participate in in-game tournaments. Roblox was developed by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004, and the developers released the platform to the public in 2006.
The platform allows users to connect with others and play games with other users from around the world. Roblox began as a social gaming site for children and teenagers. The game development platform allows all users to create, play, edit, and share their own games.
Roblox also allows users to earn Robux by playing games, participating in activities such as inviting friends and watching advertisements. Users can also earn Robux by selling their own games on Roblox’s market for game developers. Robux can be used to make in-game purchases for expansions and upgrades to a user’s games.
The platform was free to use and was designed for children and teenagers. Roblox users had access to a number of social features, such as chat rooms and forums. The developers aimed to keep it simple and universal.
As of April 2017, Roblox had about 88 million monthly active users, of which about 64 million were teenagers. The platform’s users created about 6 million new games and played about 40 million games each day. About 42% of Roblox’s users were


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Why code for Roblox

There are lots of reasons to code for Roblox. Roblox games are always in development, and as a developer you might want to get free robux (and money) to see how your games develop and to make them really good. Another reason is that Roblox has a lot of different games with different themes (like survival or school). Some games are more difficult than others, and to be able to cheat on them, helps to level up and provide Roblox members with a fun gaming experience.

Tips for Roblox players

Games are developed by developers that join Roblox and create ‘Roblox games’ for the member community. They create those games by learning from the in-game experiences of Roblox members and by providing their fellow members with a gaming platform, where you can hang out and have fun. To those developers: if you want to do everything possible to attract attention (such as giving robux as a tip), then you can create the ultimate Roblox game. If you want to stop most Roblox users from getting robux, you need to stop giving free robux as a tip or to stop promoting cheat codes.

Some Roblox cheats, info for tricks and gamehacks

Robux and level hacking

Level hacking is often referred to as robux bashing. There’s a difference between a cheating Roblox player and a Roblox level hacker. Roblox hackers steal robux. They don’t steal robux because they are cheaters – they’re cheaters to get free robux. Roblox hackers don’t need to hack robux, they just need to find a way to get them. The easiest way to get free robux is to get the free robux from the levels. We recently watched someone get robux from a level hack, he told us how he did it. How to get robux

Access your Roblox level dashboard by signing into the game

Open any free Roblox level and click on “Guest Mode”

Go to “Rules”, select “Security” then choose “Access Level Hack”

Enter your level, your code and you’re in.

Some robux codes might say cheat and cheat, but as we mentioned in a previous section, that’s something


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Is there a way to get free robux?

Robux Generator for ROBUX 2017.
I want to mention that I made this tool and I do not own or support the game Roblox.

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Roblox — Best Robux for 2018 ( Robux Generator 2017)

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Playing Robux Roblox is a great fun and experience for kids and adults. Roblox is the best online game to create your own world. Have fun creating your own world and playing with your friends and family in the Roblox.

How to use the robux generator?

Generate Robux Now on Roblox.
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My Roblox Profile

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Are there any other ways to get free robux?
There is some information on our howtoaboutpage.

User Name: robux_101
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Nov 10th, 2013

Dec 6th, 2013- My website/blog is down due to heavy traffic on new websites and DDoS attacks on my page. I’ve had a lot of robux, but I can’t really post it because I ran out of robux.
Thanks to all who supported my robux page. (haha)

Aug 9th, 2016

Feb 23rd, 2018- I’ve stopped updating this page because I started making a newer site for robux questions and answers. It’s really easy to find what you need.
Feel free to browse and if you can’t find the answer send me a message.

What is robux?

Robux is like real-life money!You can even use it in the other modes!

Download Mode

You can use robux in download mode to download different item, such as Rockstars, Guns, Bows, Vehicles, Toy Characters, Cities, Groves, Shops, Water, and even Animals! With robux you can play music on the radio or by upgrading your discman or TV.

Video Mode

Download the right content from your browser, find the content, and play it! You can do it in download mode, but it’s easier to use robux!


You can download things from the web or buy with robux at the shop.

Custom-made City Mode

You can build your very own city!

Playable Buildings

As the creator of the building, you can turn it on and off for FREE!


To use each building, you must upgrade it. This makes the building more fun!


To buy it in game, you have to use robux from the store.

Item Progression

Item progression can be changed by investing in it.


You can earn money by playing certain items. You can also spend money to get money.


Money is accumulated in the different currencies (gems, robux, etc.).



Name free robux easy and simple
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.84 / 5 ( 759 votes )
Update (11 days ago)


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