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​The objective of the game is to make it to the end of the course. To do this, you’ll need to keep an eye on your obstacles and your character’s ball. When you are close to an obstacle, you’ll have to react to the situation and take the necessary moves.

In order to do that, we’ve included plenty of things on the track that will test your reaction time in various ways. They can throw balls at you, they can hide, or they can just be obstacles. They will all require your swift reflexes and timing so make sure to keep your eyes out for them.

There are many items on the course that can be used, such as:
-Car Keys
-Fire Bottles
… To name a few.
How To Play The Game:

​To begin the game, you’ll be able to choose your character’s name and gender. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be presented with the choices in which you’ll then have to play through to finish the game.

In the beginning, the goal is to get close to the finish line, which is marked by the referee. All you have to do is make it to the end before the timer runs out. You’ll be given 3 minutes to finish the game, then you’ll be presented with your score.

To make it easy, we’ve provided you with 3 tools on the screen which are:

-The blue marker
-The red marker
-The yellow marker

Markers on track

The blue marker is a great tool for moving the character to the left and right, without touching the other markers on the track.

The red marker is a great tool for moving the character left and right, by using the left mouse button.

The yellow marker is a great tool for moving the character left and right, by using the left mouse button and the left arrow key on the keyboard.

The left mouse button is also a great tool to push the character to the left, but we would like to remind you that that it’s a little difficult to control that. You can try using the WASD keys on the keyboard. You can also try using the WASD keys on the keyboard and pressing the up key on the keyboard to make the character go back up, if


Glob Features Key:

  • Multiplayer: Battle against players from all around the world.
  • Huge Levels: So big you can run off in either direction without running out of air.
  • Frenetic Action: Dozens of combatants to battle with, with fist, staff, or sword.


Glob [April-2022]

Play as a bunch of seemingly normal teens who suddenly find themselves inside of “The Game,” a surreal fantasy world, and are forced into a battle to become the ultimate streamer. Fight your way through hordes of weird, bearded people and get the girl. Or your best friend. Or both.

The Game is a tale of gaming, a tale of gamers, a tale of surreal fantasy and a tale of unexpected friendship.

Fight your way through hordes of weird, bearded people and win the “Best Actress” award for your friends. Then sit back and laugh at them as they post their very first Twitch livestream. Good or bad, the world is your stage.

The Game: Going Viral is the third installment in The Game franchise.

While other games boast big name stars and sizzle reels, The Game only has one star: You.

You are the star.


Welcome to a world of twitchy gamers, wacky worlds and peculiar characters.

The Game: Going Viral – The Game is a “battle royale” style MMO shooter. In the game, “The Game”, gamers are invited to play as “The Streamers” and battle each other in a virtual world. The Game: Going Viral – The Game is the third installment in the The Game franchise, and continues to draw upon the franchise’s rich history and fan-base.

Key Features:

· Fight Your Way Through Hordes of Weird Beardies – In The Game: Going Viral, it isn’t just a game, it’s an interactive narrative-driven game. Players will fight through hordes of strange, bearded people while discovering the story of one of the game’s main characters. The game, like its predecessors, will feature hand-drawn visual novel style dungeons and environments, and will be packed with humor and unexpected twists and turns that keep players on the edge of their seats.

· Be the Best – Unlike other games that boast big name stars and sizzle reels, The Game only has one star: You. It is up to you to become the best gamer, and win the Best Actor, Best Gameplay or Best Broadcaster award. Each of the awards is earned by performing better than all your friends. Unlike other games, it is possible to go through your entire gaming career and earn every award.

· Choose Your Friends Wise


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