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After the struggle and the defeat of the main enemy faction in the kingdom of Sanctimoniousia, the scientist decided to continue his experiments on the entire population.
It’s a hopeless situation, most of the people had been killed and the remaining ones would be still in pain for a long time before dying of it.
You play one of those guinea pigs.
The primary objective is to survive as long as possible using the scientist’s machinery.
Through your journey you’ll understand the story of each character, giving you a glimpse into the history of this world, a world that is far more complex than you could expect.
All thanks to the horrible experiments.
At the end, you’ll be able to put all the pieces together to understand the origins and the story of this world.
Do you think with your heart or with your head?
Reaching the final ending, you’ll receive a deeper and more articulated vision of the events and of the world of the game.
The more you resist, the more you’ll obtain about the characters and their motives.
At the beginning of the game, you can choose the guinea pig that you want to play.
After the defeat of the main enemy faction in the kingdom of Sanctimoniousia, the scientist continued his experiments on the remaining population, justifying it with the real purpose of consolidating the rule of the Kingdom.
For these experiments they used the strongest guinea pigs.
They divided the remaining people into two groups:
Guinea pigs. These people didn’t resist, they submitted themselves to the scientist’s experiments willingly.
Chicken. They didn’t want to submit themselves to the scientist’s experiments, they could care less about what was going to happen to them.
Who will be your guinea pig?
There is a time limit between each level.
If you die, you’ll have to restart the level from the last checkpoint.
Be careful to reach the goal.
If you have already saved the game, you can access previous levels by checking the Game Hall.
Press the buttons to move the guinea pig.
Each level will be divided into two parts.
During each level you will be able to take a break, keeping the game speed constant.
You have a limited amount of time between each level and you can increase your life by activating different items.
The buttons at the lower part of the screen will


Features Key:

  • Simple Cocos2d-iPhone game engine
  • Useful library to implement the Desecrators features.
  • Desecrators Game play:

    In this tutorial, We will learn how to implement new Desecrators features like Colliders, Identical Nodes, Reflection, Void Area and Random Path among other.

    This tutorial is divided in three parts:

    • Desecrator features definition
    • Desecrators game play video
    • Desecrators Game Engine source code
    • Desecrator Game Engine Instruction.

    Desecrator: Collides Boxes

    In this tutorial, we will learn how to add binary collision with a Box form.
    Then we will understand how to add the camera to receive the collision.


    You have Xcode 3.2.3 or higher

    Desecrator Features Definition

    There are three kinds of collision box :

    • Resolution bounds: the maximum posisonalx and
      y values.
    • Ideal bounds: the position where the boxes stay together with the collisionMatrix.
    • Deformed bounds: the position where the boxes should stay together with collisionMatrix.

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      Recurring Dreams is an action-adventure game available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (multilanguage game, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech and Polish).
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      * Many dream characters that offer help to solve various puzzles.
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      * A wide variety of enemies in all locations.
      * A physics engine for atmospheric and landscape interactions.
      * A light hearted journey with a touching story.
      * Beautiful yet simple backgrounds and character animations.
      * Daily missions and regular opportunities to level up and grow your dream-abilities.
      * Progress statistics.
      * Steam achievements.
      * Steam cloud saves.
      * Steam trading cards.
      Minimum Requirements
      * OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7, 32 or 64 bit
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      1. Watch Your Name Rise to the Top of the Leaderboards:

      Collect a set of achievements to gain MVP status, and watch your name rise to the top of the top-ten list.
      2. Experience Spectator Mode:

      Watch the action unfold right alongside you, and direct your soldier with the arrow keys or the «C» key.
      3. Complete Different Challenge Missions:

      Complete a set of different mission types in the Solo Campaign mode, and achieve a high score to unlock new missions.
      4. Learn More About Your Class:

      Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, and features a special perk that makes them a perfect match for certain types of missions.
      5. Unlock a Variety of New Weapons:

      Each class has 9 unique weapons at the disposal in the single-player campaign. Complete different challenge missions and earn access to a selection of advanced tactical accessories to customize your main weapon.
      6. Play with Your Friends:

      Play cross-platform with your friends and invite them to join your ESL Play game.
      7. Unlock More Ranks:

      Carry your name to the highest rank possible in Solo Campaign and multiplayer modes!
      8. Get the Maximum XP in Multiplayer:

      All class specific XP are added, which means you can earn more XP with each rank.
      9. Earn Cash Rewards:

      Complete missions to unlock special cash rewards, and customize your soldier’s appearance.

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