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Roblox is the most popular platform for game creation and mobile games. The site currently has 75+ million monthly active users, 16% of whom are under the age of 9. The site’s games and user-created content are organized into channel-based play-spaces called communities. Roblox can be accessed from desktop PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.
This is how you create a model and export it to the cloud.
What is a virtual LEGO Blocks Factory?
You start by creating a program inside the Roblox desktop or mobile app (in Android and iOS), then add components to make a model. And after a model is designed, you can print out the model in Roblox on a factory built with Virtual LEGO Blocks.
You can download the Warehouse Custom Creator, which is free, and use the Factory Creator to print and sell your creations to other users.
The Factory Creator, which is sold for US $30, allows you to create your own marketplace with 100+ categories and more than 400 items. With the Warehouse Creator, you can also sell up to three items to users per month per marketplace. The Factory Creator lets you sell items in an offline-shop style platform.
There is also the Hot Sale Creator, priced $50, where you can create your own sale with up to 20 items and two item slots. And with the Best Sell Creator, you can create your own TV show, where you can sell the items you create. You can also create custom channels and communities and keep a custom logo and description. These are the most advanced Creator Studio build options.
Once a model is designed, it can be shared in several ways. You can publish a model to the online gallery, send it to friends via the email system, or share it through social networks.
Create a model within Roblox’s Creator Studio
Follow these steps to create a model.
Download the Warehouse Creator Factory Creator and Install It on Your Computer, then create a free account in the Creator Studio.
When you click «Create new project» in Creator Studio, choose the model type.
Choose the «Parent» and «Child» options based on the type of model you are designing.
You can choose the number of pages for the model.
Drag each page onto the Bounding Box area.
Reorder pages or modify their design.
You can resize each page by dragging in the corner.
You can choose the page back color.
You can adjust


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About Roblox

Roblox, founded in 2011 by David Baszucki, is a popular digital game platform for kids aged 8-12. In Roblox, players can invite their friends, create their own game and play with the over 4.8 billion community. Based in San Mateo, California, USA, the Roblox game is massively popular with kids all over the world. The story of the game is about two little penguins at the Roblox Island. The main thing you can do in Roblox is play and create games. Most of the games are for kids to play, but adults can also play, too.

In Roblox, you and your friends can create your own world, by choosing your own play time, location, and style. When you enter the Roblox Island, you land in an area called “Dream View”. There are 7 different, fantasy-themed zones, called levels, within the game. The most popular level is called “World”, and many kids spend much of their time there. The other six levels are about fantasy and come in five different colors:

Greenland – Winter;

Greenland – Summer;

Atlan – Arctic;

Atlan – Rainforest;

Shanghai – City;

Shanghai – Water.

The Roblox mobile app is available to download for free on the Google Play store and iOS App Store. There’s also a Roblox TV app where you can watch your games live. The Roblox game is available to play on PCs, Macs, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Roku, gaming consoles, Google TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV and consoles like the PS4 and Xbox.



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