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I Have Seen Everything is an infinite turn-based space game developed by Kata_Mind.
The game is not about any particular politics, ideologies, religions or anything else.
The game is a peaceful game that has no fighting among races, only the tension between the two enemies – Earthlings and aliens.
The main goal of the game is to help the beautiful Earthlings resist the invasion of aliens from the outer space.
The enemies from the outer space, who are called the «Great Ones», will attack the Earth if they do not stop the enemy invasion.
The Earthlings are not only fighting to protect their country from invasion, but also to save their civilization, to save their own species, and to save the whole Earth.
The Earthlings shall fight against the invaders no matter where they are.
The aliens will come into all the continents of Earth, or break down the technological shield around Earth, thus killing the inhabitants of the entire Earth and filling the world with alien wars.
You will need to help the Earthlings to carry out the defense of the Earth, while the aliens will try to stop them from being strong and protecting the Earth.
Your role is to help the Earthlings to fight against the invaders.
Defeat the invaders and show them the true meaning of war.
Play the game with your friends in the Multiplayer mode.
You must work with the other players to complete the cooperative quests.
Please support the game with a donation, we hope you enjoy playing it.
Key features:
► Who are the invaders?
— Each continent of Earth has the aliens,
— Earthlings have no power of fighting them, and they are ready to surrender even on the entire Earth
► The Earthlings have a lot of powerful weapons, including the knights, alien machines and human-biomech hybrids
► The aliens have some powerful weapons, including the UFOs and flying ships
► You can participate in a quest to help the Earthlings defend the Earth
► Participate in fun online game chat with your friends
► Defeat the aliens and show them the true meaning of war
► Various game modes and environments
► Two or more players
► Perfect illustrations and beautiful views
★ Download I Have Seen Everything Game — Free!
# Features #
From Kata_Mind brings you the beautiful game that you need to enjoy!
=> 2D endless turn-based space space game.
=> Infinitely playable


I’ve Seen Everything — More Actors Features Key:

  • An interactive footage were mostly characters visible within game.
  • An NPC and world design, where you will meet many faces of interesting people and take part on different places
  • Many other additional stuff and secrets to discover 

More details about?

  • two protagonists that you are to interact
  • A lot of different places in game
  • The world is in your hands
  • Competition of completed tasks
  • Match goals as well as its tasks
  • A lot of different characters
  • Many additional extras — plot twists and others…

What can you do ?

  • as a player you will be able to influence the path of the game
  • Invite your friends to play and become a part of the game
  • Join competitions with your friends

How about end date ?

  • 18.05.2017
  • 27.04.2018

additional available languages ?

  • English 
  • Spanish 
  • Portuguese 

That’s all ! Time to have fun.

How to install ?

  • *Available for PC and mobile
  • Install via Google Play
  • Or download and install on your device

Important note ?

  • It’s Android game
  • Thanks for playing 🙂


I’ve Seen Everything — More Actors Crack License Key Free PC/Windows

About Warhorse Entertainment:
Warhorse Entertainment is an independent game development studio founded by industry veterans in 2010. The studio is located in Kiev, Ukraine. Warhorse focuses on casual, action games for mobile phones and tablets. The studio is supported by Firefall Inc. and is currently developing titles for the Firefall game universe.Warhorse’s first title “Ive Seen Everything” was developed by Anton Cherevyat and Anton Makarenko. The game received a lot of positive feedback from the gamers and industry people.
«Ive Seen Everything» was released for Facebook in the Spring of 2013. Warhorse plans to release 3 more games.
A Warhorse’s studio logo is designed with the help of Lucas Marosiuk.
Warhorse was named as one of the top ten places to work in Ukraine in 2011.

Play All Things Different — The «I’ve Seen Everything» DLC for more fun and excitement at a great price!
The game is still in beta, so you can expect issues. Please report them via the comments section.
New Features:
the Android version now uses Google+ social features
you can now change hints after the end of a round
New Levels (the number in brackets is the total amount of collected answers):
1. Acts of Orlens: (28)
2. Actors: (26)
3. Major Events: (14)
4. Mythological Animals: (14)
5. Talents (24)
6. Diseases and Vegetation: (8)
7. Minerals: (13)
8. Luxury Goods: (8)
9. Buildings: (34)
10. Fossils: (6)
The iOS version now includes additional images from other sources:

New «Actors» category for both Android and iOS version:
1. Tom Cruise
2. Paul McCartney
3. Brigitte Bardot
4. Jennifer Lawrence
5. Harold Ullman
6. Cathy Cavadini
7. Pawel Pawlikowski
8. Majel Barrett
9. Mary Poppins
10. Warren Beatty
11. Gabourey Sidibe
12. Kenny Baker
13. Christian Bale
14. Gerard Butler
15. Sergey Tulikov
16. Tom Hardy
17. Bill Cosby


I’ve Seen Everything — More Actors For Windows [Latest]

WARNING! The following game content may not be suitable for children.

The «I’ve Seen Everything» quiz is a game for those who want to test their erudition, logical thinking, memory, and attention. The game is entertaining and educational at the same time.The quiz contains lots of interesting pictures and facts. By using hints and anti-hints, you can build your own game strategy: using hints to give correct answers or using more anti-hints to make your opponents game harder.You will need to recognize what you see in the picture (which could be a famous person, a flag, a fruit, an animal, a mineral, or etc.) and choose one of four possible answers.The idea behind «I’ve Seen Everything» is that this game is different than all the other common «quiz» games. All those games require answers that are too simple and can be easily memorized by using flashcards. «I’ve Seen Everything» questions are much more difficult and cannot be answered with a «yes» or «no» as in other games.This DLC contains additional questions for the «Actors» category.FAQQ: Where can I get more I’ve Seen Everything content?A: The best way to get more I’ve Seen Everything content is to subscribe to our newsletter.

Q: Can I play all I’ve Seen Everything content online?A: No, but you can play it locally.Q: Can I play offline?A: Yes.Q: Will the offline mode work in all platforms?A: Yes.Q: Will the game save my answers?A: Yes.Q: Can I share my progress?A: Yes, share your results on Facebook and Twitter.Q: Can I play the game online?A: Yes.Q: Can I play offline?A: Yes.Q: Will the offline mode work in all platforms?A: Yes.Q: Will the game save my answers?A: Yes.Q: Can I share my progress?A: Yes, share your results on Facebook and Twitter.Q: Can I play the game online?A: Yes.Q: Can I play offline?A: Yes.Q: Will the offline mode work in all platforms?A: Yes.Q: Will the game save my answers?A: Yes.Q: Can I share my progress?A: Yes, share your results on Facebook and Twitter.Q: Will the offline mode work in all platforms?A: Yes.


What’s new:


    «I have seen a lot of blood all over this place, but
    it all belongs to this kitty. He got ten of them last night, only he
    didn’t go home with ten.» — The cat to The Old
    Moon about his night’s works

    May the force be with you.

    The moon’s light kissed the crests of the waves as
    the long-awaited train pulled into the fog-bound station in Bucky’s
    dream. He suddenly woke and sat up in his bed, fighting back the
    gloom that threatened to overwhelm him. He bit his lip, trying to
    stave off the sudden onset of sadness that had descended upon him as
    he thought of the day he would meet his beloved Greta for the last

    Greta had been with him for all of twelve years. He
    was her fiancé. They were to be married six weeks hence after her
    numerous friends and family had celebrated her eighteenth birthday.
    Greta was the love of his life, he believed that with all his heart,
    despite her sweet attempts at making him believe that she loved him as
    much or maybe even more than he loved her.

    As the years passed he heard how Greta had met a scoundrel named
    John Hardesty. A wealthy man, a treacherous cheater, a notorious
    adventurer, a gambler, and all in one. He was a man who had never
    kept any promises to anyone, and was a hard man to please, a woman
    whose life was almost as perilous as his. He had seduced Greta from
    her father, without a yes from her father he had failed to gain her
    hand in marriage, but her father would not agree to a second

    During all the years he had been with her, he had
    watched her become younger and younger, and with each year he saw her
    become prettier and prettier. And he began to wonder….

    He watched her breast form as she had hers, and he
    wondered if tomorrow would be the day when her breasts were no longer
    large and would fill her bodice in the way her heart and her beautiful
    love should fill him. He knew, with bitter certainty, that she would
    prove to be a cruel and fickle mistress, and he wondered what he
    would do.

    Her parents


    Free I’ve Seen Everything — More Actors For Windows (April-2022)


    How To Crack:

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  • Version of IDirect3D9 (all games)

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System Requirements For I’ve Seen Everything — More Actors:

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP
Processor: Intel Pentium® III 1 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1024×768 @ 60 Hz monitor
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
Video Memory: 128 MB video memory
DirectX 9.0c
Other Requirements
DVD-ROM drive
Recommended System Requirements
Processor: Intel Pentium® II 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon® XP 1800+



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