JixiPix Premium Pack 1.1.11 Free Download ((FULL)) 2019 Latest

JixiPix Premium Pack 1.1.11 Free Download ((FULL)) 2019 Latest


JixiPix Premium Pack 1.1.11 Free Download 2019 Latest

For the mac. A small and easy to use Instagram or Picasa clone. If you only want to use Picasa as Instagram is closed, you can try this program — it is totally free.

You can very easily to upload, record and view multiple picasa album at once. It also has «daily» or «weekly» viewing function.

You can either view it from «raw source» or «create album on the fly». To view «raw source» album, you must have Picasa in your computer.

Features of jixipix

· Supports photos and videos

· EASILY add multiple pictures

· PhotoCollage is also included

· Supports for custom themes

· Import multiple images at once

· Thumbnail view for all picasa and jpeg images

· Supports Instagram or Picasa style photo upload

· Supports for photo comment, likes and more

· Supports for YouTube video upload and the image is generated

· Supports for adding audio/video

· Supports for rotating/transparent png images

· Support for flash image load

· Supports for adding watermark

· Support for adding event time/date

· Support for image encryption (protected with password)

· Supports for all major operating system

· Easy install and easy to use interface


Users can use this application.

Users require Picasa program.

Users need to have an active internet connection.

About Us:

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