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How to add more information?
Currently the package has about 150 elements that all seem to represent some kind of hostname.


Those hostnames are actually the device serial numbers of the multiple USB hard drives. The key is that you can read them even in the offline mode and also translate them into Human-Readable format.
The same thing can be achieved by simply executing the following commands:
ffinfo -f %SC% -l

fextract -c %SC% -f %SC%

You could easily adapt the commands to get the information you want.

//* This file is part of the MOOSE framework
//* All rights reserved, see COPYRIGHT for full restrictions
//* Licensed under LGPL 2.1, please see LICENSE for details

#pragma once

// Dumping constants for more detail
#include «MooseError.h»

#include «AnalysisMaster.h»
#include «AuxKernelBase.h»

#include «libmesh/mesh_common.h»



class MooseErrorPrivate;

class AnalysisMasterPrivate
static constexpr int NestingError = 0;
static constexpr int ScannerError = 1;
static constexpr int MeshError = 2;
static constexpr int SystemError = 3;
static constexpr int MeshConnectivityError = 4;
static constexpr int MeshLinkedError = 5;

// Size of a ‘next’ function with a type error
static constexpr int FunctionTypeError = 5;

static constexpr size_t MAX_ERROR_TYPE = 5;

// Prints errors in different categories based on a given error value.
// Error codes starting at 1000 are reserved for the master.
static constexpr size_t MAX_ERROR = 0x1000;

static void report

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