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Mount NTFS disks without changing the original
Driver loads the standard NTFS driver without wasting any resources.
Apps can be launched from NTFS disks and search folders
The drive is assigned the drive letter by the application and the name will be displayed in the Finder
Automatically detects if the users are logged or not
Mounts the NTFS partitions on a disk without the use of MS-DOS, as opposed to the stand-alone NT driver, which requires MS-DOS
NTFSDOS Professional Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 2000/NT — 5.0 or later
MS-DOS is required for the program to work properly
NTFSDIS Professional (German version)

Note: This download will not work on iOS 6. This version of iOS has a bug that prevents installation. You can only install the Preview version on iOS 6.

NTFSDIS Professional Features:
This is the German version of NTFSDIS. It only works on Microsoft Windows 2000 and NT.

The only thing I miss is something that allows copying any files to any selected disk.
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NTFSDOS Professional [32|64bit] [Latest-2022]

Mounts NTFS drives and assigns them drive letters.

Simulates the appropriate environment so that the apps can correctly run within MS-DOS.

Allows you to access files on the drives.

Supports NT4 and NT5.

Supports smart card and floppy drives.

Access to all files.

And much more…

System Requirements:

This free, small and lightweight software solution is very easy to use and can be easily downloaded from The Windows Club.

The application is compatible with the following versions of Windows:
Windows NT/2000 (OS 32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows XP (OS 32-bit)
Windows 2003 (OS 32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows Vista (OS 32-bit)
Windows 7 (OS 32-bit)
Windows 8 (OS 32-bit and 64-bit)

The application does not require any additional tools and is not bound to any specific edition of Windows, so you can use it without having any compatibility issues.
A small, free NTFS driver included
For anyone who does not want to deal with manual installation, you can enjoy the convenience offered by the NTFSDOS Driver. It is simply a small 32-bit driver for NT/2000 and later versions of Windows that let you control NTFS volumes from MS-DOS (with proper administrator privileges) on systems where this is not natively supported by the kernel.

Here are the main features of this little driver:

Mounts NTFS volumes and assigns them drive letters.

Provides full access to all files of the drive.

Supports all types of volumes such as fixed and dynamic NTFS volumes.

Resolves all known NTFS related errors.

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NTFSDOS Professional Torrent [Latest 2022]

NTFSDOS Professional enables you to easily access NTFS drives from MS-DOS, with as little effort as if they were regular drivers. The application basically mounts NTFS volumes and assigns them drive letters, thus allowing you to launch programs and access files on these NTFS volumes without too much hassle.
A lightweight solution for older versions of Windows
The software solution is very small in size, so you can easily carry it on your USB stick or, if you want to use it on a computer where no OS is installed (or simply does not boot), you can even run the app from a MS-DOS boot diskette.
However, the application is especially created for Windows NT/2000 operating systems, so you need to find another suitable program if you are running a more recent flavor of Windows.
Clever usage of your installed drivers
When mounting NTFS drives, NTFSDOS Professional relies on drivers and settings from an existing Windows installation and simulates the appropriate environment so that the apps can correctly run within MS-DOS.
This is why NTFSDOS Professional can grant you access to your NTFS volumes as the generated environment is compatible with the drives no matter of the edition or Service Pack of the OS you are currently using.
To end with
Considering that the operating system’s structure has changed when the newer editions have been released, this tool is somewhat obsolete, since there are not many users out there who still have Windows NT/2000 on their computers. So it is best to avoid using it, unless you are sure about what you are doing.
Do you use NTFS as an operating system for your PC? Do you run a Windows NT/2000 operating system on your hardware? Have you ever thought of mounting an NTFS volume with the help of a software application?

Download and install the latest version of NTFSDOS Professional for Windows 8/8.1/10

Product home page:

You may also join us on

Product home page:

What’s New In?

Automatically mounts NTFS volumes of any size, and creates subfolders for them (e.g. F:)
Writes the partition table of these volumes into the MASTER.MAP file, to allow NTFS volumes to be used on other systems too
Other goodies, such as highlighting the mounted volumes in the browser’s toolbar
The program does not change the NTFS files of mounted volumes (as such it will not damage or corrupt any of your data), but only the MSDOS environment
This software is pre-configured to work with the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol of NTFS volumes, thus making the tasks more efficient and reliable
It allows the removal of the FAT32 system partition and its partitions (needed for installation of the OS), all while preserving the contents of the NTFS volume.
Improved compatibility with the existing drivers/settings
If you are currently running NTFSDOS on your computer, it will use the existing drivers/settings from your previous installation

One of the most common complaints from Windows users is «Windows can’t read my NTFS formatted drives, even though I have the latest drivers!» With NTFSDOS you no longer need to worry about that.

Here are some of the neat things that NTFSDOS can do for you:

Mount NTFS volumes, like My computer, My network, and My mobile device.
Create a drive (D:) in My computer (these will be D:, \Documents and Settings\User\Local settings\Temp and \Documents and Settings\User\Desktop, \Documents and Settings\User\My Documents, \Documents and Settings\User\My Pictures and \Documents and Settings\User\Downloads, \Documents and Settings\User\My Music\ and \Documents and Settings\User\My Videos)
Mount the volume to any drive letter (F:, G:, C:, and X:) with just a simple double-click
Mount volumes for removable devices such as thumb drives, flash drives, and MMC cards
Make MS-DOS scripts and batch files more effective using the CMD and CD commands

Advanced NTFSDOS User features

List all of your drives available in My Computer and navigate between them using the new toolbar, which offers a lot more options than the old file manager.
Extract files and folders to external drives, DVDs or portable drives.
Copy and move files between drives and show


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: 2.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Disk: 2 GB
Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible with Win7
DirectX: Version 9.0 compatible with Win7
DVD Drive: required
Screen Resolution: 1920×1080 or 1280×720 (recommended)
Mouse: Standard Mouse
OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2.8 GHz or higher
Memory: 4 GB or higher
Hard Disk: 2


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