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Share a WPF ViewModel within a Domain Project with another Unit Test Project

This is the situation I am in: I have a Windows Application and a WCF service that uses the service to do most of its work. The Windows Application consumes the WCF service and provides a MVVM application.

Data Access Layer — has class libraries for CRUD operations on the Entity Framework.
Presentation Layer — WPF based client and service interfaces.

I have a class library which is what I want to turn into a domain project and I also have a test project. The data access layer lives in the class library. The service lives in the Data Access Layer. I am using the Castle Windsor IOC container. I will mention what I have tried briefly.
1.) Share Data Access Layer Project across Multiple Projects
The Data Access Layer lives in it’s own class library. This forces me to share all interfaces across my windows project and my test project. It is impossible for me to do TDD (test driven development) in the Data Access Layer because I don’t have the test project. I had to pull it from a development branch and then refactor back and forth because it was hard to do TDD with the brokenness. The test project must be the same as the branch where I worked on it. I don’t like this solution and it causes a lot of extra work and confusion.
2.) Add Domain Project to Data Access Layer
I’ve tried this but it has its own drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that it makes the Data Access Layer much larger. It now must be part of the Data Access Layer project which is Data Access Layer Application. It doesn’t fit the structure of the solution very well. It is not big by any means but it is big compared to the solution as a whole. It is because it doesn’t fit the structure. I don’t like this solution and it is not at all clear what the solution would be if I wanted to change it later.
3.) Add ViewModel to Data Access Layer Project
Not working. The Data Access Layer project always


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