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Sengoku was once a beautiful place full of rich culture and flourishing industries, where craftsmen and artisans thrived, and the highest-ranking samurai, vassal, and samurai’s wife were admired for their dazzling kimonos, exquisite armor, and exquisite artwork! However, as a result of a coup, the government seized absolute power to a single throne and all the resources of the country, in the name of the king.

As a result, once peaceful Sengoku has now become one of the most bloody battlefields in history, where rival factions, warlords, and the government struggle to seize power through the many warring clans. Battling for power and wealth were the legendary knights, with their gorgeous armor and chivalric epaulets, their beloved horses, sharpened steel and a thirst for blood.

Is this the beginning of the last days of Sengoku? Is this the end of a civilization?

Sengoku Edition features a variety of new features, such as:

Game-play characteristics adjusted by extended gameplay data obtained from PC versions

30 special battle modifiers

A total of 74 new battle items

72 original illustrations

Four new ways to play either on PC or smartphone

Re-illustrated through seamless transitions between mobile and PC versions

Detailed manual (50+ pages)

From now on, Sengoku is a place where warlords fight to win absolute power from the seat of the throne. The latest battle equipment, capable of burning the enemy down with lightning-fast attacks, are designed to end the chaos in Sengoku.

With weapons blazing in the sky and great shields of vast reach protecting you, the game is a fixed battle challenge in which players can experience challenging battles!

What’s more, for the first time in Sengoku! experience the world of battles as a joint effort between two people! In joint battle, you can attack together with your spouse, and win together as a team!

The combat experience of Sengoku has dramatically changed with the new battle system.

New battle system

Attack speed is 70% faster than the original version, allowing attacks to be responded quickly on the move.

New attack system

Attack types:

Slash attack, a simple one-hit attack.

Rapid Fire, a striking attack performed by repeatedly bringing the weapon up and down.

Special Attacks:


Download ––– DOWNLOAD

Download ––– DOWNLOAD

Features Key:

  • Play the dating simulator game right now!
  • Create your own avatar online!
  • Slap your little brother!
  • Watch your neighbours boiling the kettle!
  • Watch your neighbour’s fridge empty!
  • Victoriously imprison your cow!
  • Throw a Molotov cocktail in the neighbours garden!

How To Play Cheat On Me Game!

Don’t Cheat On Me is a little risky. If your little brother’s are naughty you can punish them by:

  • Seeking more details about your neighbours, this can involve purchasing a record on iTunes, a video on YouTube or Facebook, as well as calling them on their telephone number.
  • Learning about them on The Eulogy website.
  • Investigating other aspects of their life, this can involve buying flowers from their favourite florist, looking at photographs in their library or even buying a lottery ticket.
  • Vandalising their fridge. Should one of them drink less milk? Remember to check the carbonation.
  • If you feel brave, you can go a step further and open their wardrobe and check the interior of their clothes wardrobe.


Ɲ周列萌志 Philosophic Love-三倍存檔欄位 Save Slots+ [Mac/Win]

Play as members of the real life rock band DZ DEATHRAYS as you work your way up from backyard parties to the main stage while bringing in the cheers and dodging the flying beers! Grow your fan base by exciting the crowd in order to gain hearts and cash to unlock and upgrade your equipment and the band members themselves. Along the way you’ll unlock over 30+ songs from the bands entire catalogue including some new and previously unreleased tracks as well as bigger gigs to play at. Its a light and fun 2d pixel art based beat-em-up styled game for fans of rock music.
* Fully customizable gameplay elements
* Dozens of unlockable songs
* Fully animated stage set and TV screens
* 30+ songs
* Quick play mode for easy beginners
* Arcade Mode for veteran pixel art players
* 7 modes including a couple of different game modes
* full lobby, quick match and team match options
* local co-op with up to 4 players
* online multiplayer for up to 4 players
* achievements and leaderboard ranking system
* cutscenes and animated story, as well as interactive events and unlockables
* tap to load support for better performance on slower devices
* support for tablets, touchscreen, and trackpads
* works on a variety of different devices.
You can watch the teaser trailer here:
And learn more about the game and what its all about here:
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Or check out our virtual show page:

Videos linked to the latest episodes:
Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:
Episode 4:
Episode 5:
Episode 6:


Ɲ周列萌志 Philosophic Love-三倍存檔欄位 Save Slots+

A story-driven strategy game about a family of space pirates. Novella that will be continued with additional free updates. Being the sole survivor of a pirate shipwreck, you become stranded on a mysterious,
Guild Wars 2 Enhancements — Game Patch 1.5.0Reworked the elemental damage system to give every weapon and spell a unique feel. Added a few new important balance changes.New spells: Elemental Wave, Flaming Rush, Barrier, Elemental Vortex, and Barrier I am writing to ensure that the Congressional Budget Office accurately understands the cost and effect of the House Republican budget. CBO’s analysis of this budget makes clear that this bill will produce devastating cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and other vital programs that are central to our economy and our communities.

As you know, most seniors and people with disabilities need Medicare to pay for their health care. Medicaid provides health care for more than 70 million low-income Americans. As President Obama said, “If you or a member of your family needs medical care, we can count on Medicaid to be there, as it is in 50 states and the District of Columbia.”

The Affordable Care Act established a new insurance market called the Health Insurance Exchange. The Republican budget would repeal and defund the ACA and repeal Medicaid expansion. Medicaid expansion, however, would be permitted to continue for several years under current law, and the government would cover a larger share of the expansion population through 2016. After 2016, all new beneficiaries would no longer receive federal funds for their health care.

It is important to note that CBO’s analysis does not yet fully incorporate the effects of provisions in the House Republican budget that provide a fiscal correction to the costs of the Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund (MHTF), and it does not include effects from Medicare savings and other factors that would otherwise reduce the rate of cost growth in the agency’s budget. For example, the House Republican budget would raise the eligibility age for Medicare by four years, and this would reduce the growth of Medicare spending and the number of people covered by the program.

The House Republican budget would also significantly reduce Medicare payments to providers of health care services and would affect other programs in the agency’s budget. I hope that these changes would be addressed by the Congressional Budget Office in its analysis.

Given the magnitude of these cuts, it is reasonable to expect that the Congressional Budget Office will conclude that the reduction in total spending will be about $473 billion over the next decade


What’s new:

    ‘s role in the 1940s shaping of the West German state

    The President’s role in the 1940s shaping of the West German state

    Agnes Sargent

    This article‘Dr. Stadelmann’s Mission’ is based on a lecture delivered by
    Agnes Sargent, at the Second International Conference on German Studies, Feb.
    25, 2004.

    Summary of the Contents

    This article, like many of Dr. Stadelmann’s earlier essays, is concerned with the
    role of the President as a putative agent of the German policy elite and
    as a counterweight to the Militärpolitischer Appell of 1943; a role which was
    most significantly shaped by his 1952 meeting with the
    Leader, General
    Hildegard von
    Ardissen. Dr. Stadelmann also focuses on how these events differed from the
    underlying ideology of German so called “reichsdeutsch.”

    The article attempts to portray the important features of Stadelmann’s role
    in the shaping of Germany and Germany’s role in undermining the primacy of
    deutsch in its key political and cultural elites. I also argue that as the
    “spokesman of the Administration,” the President did not struggle to
    constrain the vision of German history that Dr. Stadelmann and other
    “reichsdeutsch” intellectuals presented. The President for his part perceived
    the two sides’ shared interests as congruent with his own vision and as a
    source of public support.

    The Evolution of the President’s Office

    The importance of interwar Germany’s Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs,
    Walther Rathenau, in the formation of the Third Reich – from the gravest
    concerns about the relative pace of the economic and political reforms and
    the possible introduction of the Prussian system to the final advent of
    Nazism – has been observed by most historians of the Third Reich. Rathenau
    was to become a protagonist of modern European conservatism and a major
    politically and professionally intermediary between the western branch of the
    Reichswehr and Mussolini’s regia ctà. The formation of the Federal
    state and parliament arguably preceded and influenced Rathenau’s advocacy of
    his ideas concerning the development of the “Reich.”


    Free Ɲ周列萌志 Philosophic Love-三倍存檔欄位 Save Slots+ Crack + Activation Key

    * Enter a spooky world of mystery!
    * Become a true detective to reveal hidden objects and solve puzzles!
    * Enjoy a challenging Hidden-Object Adventure Game!
    * Get lost in scenic backgrounds!
    * Watch TV while playing!
    And much more!
    This Collector’s Edition contains:
    · The Core Game
    · Collector’s Carpet
    · Collector’s Poster
    · Character T-Shirt

    Dear Friends,

    We hope you’re excited for the release of our latest exciting Hidden-Object Adventure Game.

    We’d like to thank you for your valuable feedback. It’s been very helpful to us and we hope you can give us your feedback on the game and share it with your friends to give us their own thoughts and ideas to help us make it better.

    Our next release is a major update and release but we have a new gift for you.

    With our new update we have added an interesting new game mode called «Simplify» based on a Simmune classic game.

    Simplify is a game mode where you will have to clear the playing field as much as possible. You need to find different objects and match them to form their arrangement.

    If you can clear all tiles on your playing field, the level will be cleared and you will be presented with a new level.

    If you cannot clear the playing field, there will be one of the pieces missing and you will have to clear it to complete the level.

    When you can’t reach your target score for the level, the level will be cleared automatically and you will be presented with a new one.

    You will need to quickly consider the tiles that are missing and start matching them to clear the playing field!

    Simplify Mode is available on the Hidden-Object Puzzle Games section in the «Arcade» category. So, if you’ve been playing Hidden-Object Puzzle Games and have always enjoyed the challenge and want to play something different and more relaxing, give the new Game mode a try!

    If you find it too difficult at times to clear the playing field, you can set a target score before beginning your game by following the instructions on the screen.

    Thank you very much for your support and for being a part of our community. We hope to see you again. Have a good day.

    W.H. Brain Development Ltd. Privacy Policy

    Last updated: September 19, 2017



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C++ array size and array placement/initialization

I have an array
signed short int* array[4];

I initialize it by
array[0] = -4;
array[1] = -7;
array[2] = -12;
array[3] = -3;

But the compiler does not allow me to place this on line 3. It complains about point of definition of array[3]. I have the following code:
const signed short int PI = 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288;

signed short int* array[4];

array[0] = 1;
array[1] = 2;
array[2] = 3;
array[3] = 0.5;

What does the compiler not accept about this initialization? Does it not support array[3] unless initialized on line 3?


Per the C++11 Standard, 3.9.1:

An array of unknown size or a temporary array of unknown size ([class.array],
[expr.prim.array]), if constructed, initialized, or destroyed, may be
referred to before its size is determined (6.7.8).

Furthermore, 3.9.2:

A variable of non-aggregate, non-union type is bounded to an
automatically-sized storage area ([class.storage]). […]

This is because by referring to an uninitilized, non-aggregate variable of type signed short int (*)[4];, you’re dereferencing it with the unspecified [] operator, which is invalid.
For example:
signed short int array[]; // Allocates storage for 4 pointers to signed short int
signed short int* array2[4]; // Allocates storage for 4 pointers to signed short int




System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
• Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later
• Internet Explorer: 10 or later,
• Display: 1024 x 768
• CPU: 2.4 GHz or higher
• RAM: 2 GB
• Hard Disk Space: 15 MB
Additional Notes:
• This game is optimized for Windows 7, XP SP3 and WinVista.
• This Game has no DRM.
Game Details:
• Free To Play
• Support: Steam



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