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# **Creating a Vector Image**

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Used by consumers, graphic designers and photographers to edit and print images in the home, Photoshop Elements boasts a simple, intuitive user interface that allows you to create, add and edit just about anything. You can crop, resize, rotate, flip, and remove objects. You can edit and apply filters and create the perfect image. This software has it all! You can even use both Elements and Photoshop together, creating even more versatile and powerful image editing abilities. When creating and editing images it is useful to know what’s inside each file (metadata), and what you can and can’t do with each file (exif data).

There are many powerful plugins and extensions available for Photoshop. As a result, this software can be an entire resource for an image editor. One of these plugins is the Photoshop File Info Extension. With this extension, the metadata of a document is displayed on the right of a window. It has the same descriptive fields as the Camera Raw window, but there are additional metadata fields. This allows photographers to easily monitor the metadata of their images.

PS File Info includes the following fields:

File Name and Date Saved: The actual name and date of the file.

The actual name and date of the file. Modify Date: The date the file was last changed, by you or Photoshop.

The date the file was last changed, by you or Photoshop. Access date: The date you last opened the file.

The date you last opened the file. Computer date: The date the file was created on the computer.

The date the file was created on the computer. Date added to catalog: The date you last added this file to the catalog.

The date you last added this file to the catalog. Dimensions: The size of the image in pixels.

The size of the image in pixels. Color Space: The color space of the file.

The color space of the file. File Type: The file type: (JPEG or TIFF).

The file type: (JPEG or TIFF). File Type Extension: The file type extension.

The file type extension. File Format: The actual file format.

The actual file format. Bit Depth: The number of bits per color channel.

The number of bits per color channel. Rendering Intent: The rendering intent of the file (sepia, gray, etc).

The rendering intent of the file (

Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0) With Full Keygen [Latest 2022]

Brush tool

Start the brush tool by clicking or dragging with the mouse to define the size and shape of the brush.
The brush can then be applied in the same way as any other tool. Once the brush has been used, it disappears from the Toolbox.
You can hold the Command (CTRL) key while drawing the brush to define the direction it’s drawn from. You can also use the Tool options to adjust the size, shape and opacity of the brush.

Pencil tool

To draw lines in the image, click or drag with the mouse. The lines can be straight or curved and can be solid, dashed, dotted or filled in.
The Pencil tool is useful for drawing or correcting shapes and lines, be they on a photograph, illustration or map. To erase the pencil tool strokes, click once on the area that you don’t want a brush stroke to cover.


Click the Blur tab and choose the amount of blur you want. You can also click the Blur levels button, which will show you the original image along with an overlay that depicts the amount of blur as a percentage.


Use the Nudge tool to align an area or object within the image. You can also scale the object up or down to change its size within the image. To reposition it in the image, use the Lasso tool, described later.

Eraser tool

Click to select and remove the area you want to remove. Use the tool in a similar way to that of the Blur tool, described above.

Paint tool

This feature enables you to use the mouse to paint over an area or image. You can adjust opacity to fade the paint into the image.

Fill Lasso tool

When you use the Lasso tool, the shape drawn by the arrow will cover the selected area. Click once to start selecting an area of the image. Click and drag to change the area that is covered by the selection. You can also use the mouse scroll wheel to control the size of the selection.

Define a shape

Click once to start selecting the shape you want to add. Click and drag the mouse to draw the shape. To delete the shape, select it and press the Delete key. To adjust the shape, click once to make a selection, and move the cursor over the edge of the shape you want to change and drag.

Use the Selection

What’s New In Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0)?

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0):

Recommended — 8GB RAM
Minimum — 2GB RAM
Minimum — 300MB VRAM
Minimum — CPU Core 2 Duo
Mouse Required
Internet connection required
2GB of free hard drive space
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
DVD Drive
Updated video card with 2GB dedicated video RAM and support for OpenGL 4.0
Resolution: 1280×720
Recommended: 1280×720
Minimum: 1024×768
Fonts: Large fonts may be useful on laptops with low

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