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Data binding to ViewModel in Xamarin

I have read lot of articles about Data binding in Xamarin in

and I can do it as desired. But, in all articles they are binding to ViewModel Class. I am new to Xamarin and have very basic knowledge in Xamarin. But, I am wondering can I bind view to viewmodel and vice-versa as I can do in HTML and JavaScript?
Because, I am using UserControl to bind my view to ViewModel in Xamarin. That is working fine. But, I want to know if, if there is any simple way to binding ViewModel to view, and vice-versa.


You can bind two-way data flow between Views and ViewModel, in fact, it’s not matter of binding but it’s Xamarin service in each platform.
You can reference all binding section about Xamarin.
For iOS, Check Binding:
iOS with Bindable Properties
For Android, Check Binding:
Android Bindable Properties

In my case, I want use a DataSource (Xamarin Service) to bind
data from my view model to my view. In this case, we don’t want to
create new instance of the data source in our ViewModel. So, we
should use the singleton pattern in Xamarin.

Please check following links, they will be helpful for you
How to use Singleton pattern to create a data source in Xamarin?
Singleton pattern in Xamarin forms

In my case, I want use a DataSource (Xamarin Service) to bind
data from my view model to my view. In this case, we don’t want to
create new instance of the data source in our ViewModel. So, we
should use the singleton pattern in Xamarin.

I find these links are helpful about

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Yahoo Japan kills group-blogging service for iPhone — yanw

I don’t see any value in Yahoo keeping a group-blogging app when Google has
Blogger, TypePad, Posterous, and others. They’re already got a few blogs and
they can keep up with adding new ones.

I don’t want yet another one that does the same thing, though.

(Maybe they could have updated their group-blogging service to fit with
iPhone and then created a replacement that ignored the new platform? I can’t
see the point in that, as those old groups could still be used, but that
happens rarely.)

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