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Ramses is a tool for «running things» written in Rake. You can use it to run a series
of commands on a set of hosts, or deploy/deploy, or whatever you call it.
It takes care of dependencies, making sure that you run the correct scripts, and
that you have the right versions of your required packages. It also helps you
with getting your site up and running, and updates scripts to work correctly
with new releases of your code and your stack.
Ramses resembles Python’s Fabric, and Ruby’s Capistrano.
Ramses’ primary feature is that it is highly configurable and yet it is very easy to use.
«cd» into your project root, and run

which will configure Ramses to work for you.
Ramses will read in your configuration in YAML and ~/.rramses.yml, or
create ~/.rramses.yml if one doesn’t exist for you.
Ramses keeps track of dependencies, and will run scripts before and after
scripts from previously ran scripts.
Groups of commands are automatically run as one task, letting you do things like,
«deploy» in a single step.
Host SSH keys can be set in ~/.rramses.yml, or in ~/.ssh/config files at the hosts.
Show a list of options.
Add a new SSH host to be available for this task. URL is required
and hostname, username, password and hostkey defaults to your shell’s
login username, ssh key, SSH key passphrase and SSH key in
format of
As a special case, —addhost=tftp:// will add
a host running TFTP as a ssh host.
Add a new SFTP host for this task. URL is required and hostname,
username and password defaults to your shell’s login username,
ssh key and SSH key passphrase respectively.
As a special case, —pushhost=tftp:// will add
a host running TFTP as a sftp host.
Add a list of new groups, where each group can run its own set of
tasks. These must be given in the same order as the —

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[Ramses] lets you easily automate the processes of building and deploying your web apps and services to multiple Linux/Unix servers, using the Linux (or UNIX) shell as the build and deploy scripting language.

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Ramses Serial Key [Mac/Win]

Ramses is a remote deployment tool, like Capistrano. You can use it to
automate the process of building and deploying your system on multiple
hosts. Simply configure a set of scripts that Ramses will run on
different hosts at different times. Ramses can execute shell scripts,
ruby scripts, unix shell scripts, java scripts, and any other kind of
script that can be run on a remote host. Ramses can also execute
autotools-based build systems like make.
To install Ramses:
Just `sudo apt-get install ramses`.
Now let’s see some examples of what you can do with Ramses.
Building Example 1:
Ramses has the concept of «stages». A stage is simply a set of
commands to execute at a given time. You can set up one or more
Let’s suppose that we would like to do a make install in all of the
packages in the /usr/local/src directory. We want to build some
packages and then want to deploy them for testing.
A stage could contain something like:
# Invoke make install on all the packages
make install
# Invoke make deploy to build the packages and
# then install them on the server host
make deploy
What Ramses will do is do all of the above in the order that is
prescribed. When we run the make install stage, it will first invoke
make, which will invoke the makefile in that directory. The makefile
will invoke the install script, which will invoke make again for the
install. Eventually it will generate an executable called «all», which
will do all of the things we want it to do.
Building Example 2:
Another common usage of stages is to build packages with special
compilation flags and then transfer them to a different host for
deployment. Say we had a compilable version of package foo-1.0.tar.gz
in a source tarball that we’d like to deploy to another host. We could
do something like this:
# Move the compilable tarball from the current
# directory to the directory where you need
# it
mv package.tar.gz /

What’s New in the Ramses?

Ramses is a small and very light weight ssh runner and shell script runner.
It features an easy to use and easy to learn architecture.
It can run commands, launch processes, start jobs, and let you use
shell scripts, etc.
Ramses is made up of two main parts: a remote runner (to run commands or
launch processes) and a remote shell (to set up environment and
It also has the ability to check and reload config files.

Thanks for this test — it looks like it does most of what I need for my lab. I’m going to be giving it a try when I get home. I guess I should have looked harder before being so sure that Script actually managed to do what I thought it was designed to do.


Ramses is great, but it is not perfect. It also has a few limitations and not all that well documented, so if you end up banging your head against the wall, you may find the code dead simple but difficult to use.
By the way, I’m one of the original authors of this software.


Monday, October 21, 2014

Best of the Weekend — Top 10 Trending Photos of the Week

I love coming across someone’s photos and feeling really happy, inspired and motivated. Kind of the best feeling ever.

This weekend I was scrolling through Instagram, and I landed on Lisa Solt’s instagram (@lisas_solt). She has been taking instagram photos for a while now and I’ve always admired the way she captures her garden and its surroundings.

I thought the images she posted this weekend were amazing, so I asked her to share some of her best. The photos are from her garden, which is located in Reykjavík, Iceland.

I hope you enjoy Lisa’s photos, and if you’re looking for inspiration, try browsing her instagram page.. [**80**]{}, 631 (1993). T. Evans, E.V. Goldstein, D. Levesque and J. Zinn-Justin, J. Math. Phys. [**34**]{}, 5705 (1993); J. Zinn-Justin, M. Kaminski and T. Evans, J. Math. Phys. [**35**]{}, 5452 (1994). R.E. Peierls, [*Quantum

System Requirements For Ramses:

Redraw a line from top to bottom of the screen every frame.
The number of pixels in a frame is determined by the value of nFramesPerSecond.
Delay between frames can be changed by adding a time to vFramesPerSecond.
The minimum hardware requirement is a Windows machine with a Pentium 3 CPU and 64 MB of RAM.
Setting up
Drawing a line from top to bottom of the screen
To make a line from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen every frame, you need

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