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Elden Ring 2022 Crack is a fantasy action RPG that has you immerse yourself in the world of thousands of years ago when the vast continents of the world became connected by the Warsong Mountains. Although this world, the Lands Between, is colorful and fantastic, monsters and bandits secretly lurk everywhere. Your ultimate goal is to wage a war against the forces of chaos and evil that threaten the Lands Between. The game utilizes the traditional RPG elements of exploring, battling, and level-up to provide players with a realistic gameplay experience.
The game is available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Latin American Spanish, French and Italian.

WARNING: This game may contain in-game purchases using optional payment features. You may disable this feature through your device settings.

(1) Powerful Spells: Cast out spells of various schools in numerous ways and make use of Alchemy.

(2) Unique Concept and Unique Characters: Battle through different scenes that keep changing as you progress, and develop your character according to the game’s concept.

(3) Wizard’s Heart: Build up your own survival mechanism as you progress through the game, and engage in exploration battles.


1.All services of Elden Ring Game are provided by Tokyo RPG Factory which reserves all the rights.

2.You will not play in any place where login is prohibited or where you cannot confirm that the service or the data used for login are legal.

3.Elden Ring Game may be edited and/or changed in any way without notice.

4.You agree that Tokyo RPG Factory is not liable for any loss of any kind.

5.You agree that you are not allowed to use any services provided by Tokyo RPG Factory in any way that may cause harm to other people or companies. You agree that you are not allowed to use the services provided by Tokyo RPG Factory to carry out of the purpose stated in the above paragraph.

6.You agree that you are not allowed to use the services provided by Tokyo RPG Factory to carry out of the purpose stated in the above paragraph in any way that may cause harm to other people or companies. You agree that you are not allowed to use the services provided by Tokyo RPG Factory for any purposes not stated in the above paragraph.


The copyrights to all the character data, etc. used in this


Features Key:

  • A unique fantasy world in which the challenges and pleasures will charm your soul
  • Customize your character with eight body types and ten faces
  • Work with other players and become a hero with several upgrade routes
  • Become the first to fully enjoy the myth of the Elden Lords by forging the legends of the Elden Ring
  • Enjoy challenges and stories that transcend the game while you progress through an extensive world
  • Play Information

    • Online & Offline Survival Game
    • Connection to Online Games
    • Play both asynchronously through Online Game
    • Play in either Action / Turn-based Mode
    • In-game chat logs available at any time
    • CPU Optimization
    • Customizable controls with eight different types of sensitivity


    • Elendi Gallery
    • BG
    • BG

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      Fan art (Kitty Dragon)

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      Elden Ring Crack + Activation Code Free

      I N D E E D
      “Rise, Tarnished”, “The Elden Ring”, a new fantasy action RPG


      War Heroes like us are invited to the Highlands, the Highlands that are closed to outsiders, and try to establish a rule over the lands. It’s the place for challenging battles to let your personality shine.

      — Welcome to the “Highlands”, the place for challenging battles.

      — Various dungeons are arranged in 3D, in which you can discover new dungeons and large scale battles.

      — Equip your unique weapons and armor to change your play style.

      — The combination and development of these weapons, armor, and magic will be a joyful experience.

      EXCITING BATTLE SYSTEM ・ Deep and intuitive controls that allow you to easily aim and maneuver, for a more intense and thrilling battle experience

      ・ The game has 3 difficulty levels, and the difficulty of the battles has been reinforced.

      ・ In addition to the main story, a variety of missions are also available.

      ・ Battle fields can be freely changed.

      ・ In cooperative play, you and your partner can enjoy different missions together.

      Rise as a warrior, a dark lord, or even an Elder. Become a true war hero!

      — Take control of Tarnished, whom Queen Alalu had entrusted with the leadership of the Highlands.

      — The world of «The Elden Ring» is a beautiful, majestic world. It is full of challenge and excitement.

      — Exploring the world is not limited to the main story, and you can also find a variety of quests.

      — Let the adventure begin!

      ・ Distinct weapon and armor systems

      ・ Equipping a weapon and armor will change your own play style.

      ・ Evolving your weapons and armor will help you obtain the tools to overcome enemies and complete missions.

      ・ A variety of types of weapons, armor, and magic will be prepared for you to utilize.

      ・ The combination of weapons, armor, and magic will create a fun and exciting battle.

      ・ Sword, bow, dagger, polearm, and shield in addition to bows, pistols, battle Axes, axes, and the like.

      ・ Develop your own character.

      ・ Craft useful


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      While players enjoy Toki Tori 2‘s classic features of adaptation to various situations and impressive musical performances
      associated with the end of an adventure, the graphics have been brought to a new level and the new characters have new appeal.
      By receiving the Creation Kit, players will be given a more enjoyable experience when interacting with the town that the game takes place. Players are also able to play freely wherever and whenever they
      want, regardless of their own country’s geographic location.

      About the game “Toki Tori,” “Toki Tori 2”, and the “Tokimeki” brand:
      Toki Tori (Preview site) is a game released in 2010 that is still going strong in the Japanese market. The game
      is currently available for PC, PS3, and PS Vita (cross-platform title), and is currently enjoying widespread popularity on Xbox 360.
      Toki Tori 2 is the updated version of the Toki Tori game released in 2011. It introduces not only the graphical updates,
      but also new exclusive additions, including the “Easily Customizable Equipment System,” and “Visual Effects for Ranging.”The Tokimeki collaboration project includes «Toki
      Tori,” «Toki Tori Toki Drop,” «Toki Tori 2,” and «Toki Toki Toki Drop S
      (Simulator [2012.3.13 Release Notes]]”. “Toki Tori
      2” has thus far been released in seven different versions and released for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo
      DSi, PS3, PS Vita, and Xbox 360.“Tokimeki” is a digital commodity brand first
      launched in 1999.“Toki Tori” and “Toki Tori 2” have also enjoyed success in the North American
      market, with the latest title, “Toki Tori Toki Drop,” being released in the summer of 2012.
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    Elden Ring 10


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Recommended Requirements:
    Operating System:
    Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
    Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core i3-4160
    Intel Core i3-4160 Memory: 4 GB
    4 GB Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520
    Intel HD Graphics 520 DirectX: Version 12
    Version 12 Gamepad: Xbox 360 controller (any)


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