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Name Riskers
Publisher kaflnel
Format File
Rating 4.16 / 5 ( 4635 votes )
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Endless levels full of murderous enemies and traps await in this action platformer! Explore a strange place filled with mystery, artifacts and armed with guns, missiles, fists and climbing blades, filled with deadly enemies and traps, you will find out the secrets of this place as you fight, jump, shoot and punch your way through the hordes of enemies.
The main protagonist of Yissasso Deep Realms is a mysterious object that you can find stuck to your hand. This thing seems to be knowledgeable of the place, as it gives you hints on what to do and it also tells you where you should go.
How to Play
Use your finger to move the object on your hand and on the screen. On the device there is a menu of all the different weapons you find, use them to destroy the foes. You can use your finger to aim your weapon, or even use a stylus if you prefer!
Everytime you shoot at an enemy, you get points that can be spent on upgrades. Upgrades include the following:
-Extra lives
-Power-up weapons to destroy objects faster
-A temporary weapon to get you around some annoying sections
-Collect special artifacts to unlock special moves
-Stand on different objects to move around the screen
-A powerful machine gun to destroy everything
The bosses are the most deadly enemies. They consist of fiery pits that explode when you shoot at them and they are in a specific spot in the level, so it is a must to destroy the little orange beacons that appear above them.
How to Shoot
Everytime you shoot at the enemies, you get points. When you hit a boss or activate a power-up, the points you get are multiplied. Each point is worth 100 points. When you reach 1000 points, you can get an extra life.
How to Attack
There are two types of weapons in Yissa Deep Realms. Guns and fists.
Guns: These are of two types: Blast and Missiles. Blast are the most powerful, but you have to spend the most points to use them. These don’t hit as many enemies as missiles do. But they get their points back when they destroy objects. Missiles are aimed with a finger, but they don’t have to be careful and there are more of them. Some guns are not worth upgrading, but they can be used as a temporary weapon to get through obstacles or bosses.
Fists: Only fists get points back when they destroy an object. They are more useful because they


Name Riskers
Publisher kaflnel
Format File
Rating 4.16 / 5 ( 4635 votes )
Update (3 days ago)


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Riskers Download [Mac/Win]

As the last surviving member of the Experimental Section Seven, Bridgette Hoffman is on a quest to gain her comrade Coya’s lost memories and fulfill their purpose. But with death stalking her every turn, her strength is waning, and time is running out. The only way to regain her lost memories is to journey to the past. Faced with a final chance to save herself and her companions, the experimental team embarks on a mission to rid the city of its dangerous creatures and dangerous sins.

©2013 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Story and game properties, characters and logos are trademarks and ©2013 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Prototypes and actual content may vary. Create at your own risk.

Developed by GREG.

Chronicle: Unit Eight

©2013 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Story and game properties, characters and logos are trademarks and ©2013 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Prototypes and actual content may vary. Create at your own risk.

Chronicle: Unit Eight is an exceptional action-adventure game featuring stunning visuals and a gripping narrative, full of incredible challenges and a wider world than ever before. Inspired by legendary Japanese comics, the game tells a gripping story of seven members of a secret organisation who embark on a quest to save their fallen comrade and discover the origins of humanity. You play as Bridgette, who is searching desperately for her lost memories in the past to save her fellow colleagues. Completing past missions unlocks new options to confront the horrors of the present. You must team up with the protagonists and use your knowledge and experience to reveal the secrets of a catastrophe that threatens to destroy the world.1. Field of the Invention
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Riskers Crack Keygen For (LifeTime) X64 [Updated-2022]

— player enters with a group of c9
— player/group must hold position and defend against c7, c8, c9 from the right, left, top and bottom
— once c7, c8, c9 are out, the players must take over
— players control player model individually
— players must be happy with a score of 14-0 for each point for best game play
— players must try to hold or retake the field
— gameplay is based on multiplayer paintball game style
— weapons can be used if the player shoots the ball
— player models must be individually controlled and can turn in any direction
— movement is based on an old school paintball game — players can turn, crouch, lean, etc.
— the player model can be used to do some tricks
— settings include shot ping (lightning delay/heavy lightning delay) — players can set settings in-game,
and also — audio settings so you can listen to your favorite tracks
— online play is available
— game available on IOS and Android
— no buttons or game controllers required
— this game does not require a device to be connected to a network so you can play anywhere as long as you have internet accessHonda VFR1200F

The Honda VFR1200F (also known as the «F» stands for «Full Face», ie. the entire engine is visible in front of the rider) is a road racing motorcycle made by Honda. Introduced in 2011 as an evolution of the VFR1000F that was last produced in 2008, the machine remained in the Honda line-up until the 2013 model year. The name of the machine was originally conceived to be the «F» for full face, because the entire engine is visible in front of the rider. However, due to the trademark policy of Honda, the name «F» has only been applied to this model and the VFR1000F, while the other road-oriented machines in the Honda line-up—including the VFR1300F—are to be referred to as «V».

This machine is a modern sport-touring motorcycle that competes against the likes of the Aprilia RSI, the Yamaha XTZ-R, and the Triumph Stromer 871/992, all of which are made by manufacturers with an established motorbike market on the European continent. The VFR1200F is the second street-legal model in Honda’s modern sport-touring line


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