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This game is a simulation of the 1st world war.
Players fight in team by controlling starfighters.
Players can also take a part in tank battles against other player.
Tank battles
Tank battles is multiplayer mode,
which allows 2 player control.
Players can control the tank via keypad.
Single Player (Player 1)
Players can choose the tank to be controlled.
Team play
Players can control the starfighter and tank together.
Easy mode
Player 1 is the objective of the game.
Player 2 can assist him.
Multiplayer (Player 2 vs Player 1)
Player 1 controls the starfighter,
and Player 2 controls the tank
Player 2’s goal is to destroy Player 1’s tank.
Tank battles
Tank Battles is a single-player mode,
which allows 2 player control.
Players can control the tank via controls or by using a joypad.
Players can choose the path and play without breaking the path.
2 players can choose the path.
Player 1 and Player 2 can choose the path independently.
Players control the speed of their tanks and battle in tank battle
Player 1 (with joypad)
Player 2 (by clicking)
The upper-left corner of the screen shows a map.
Grid map : Players can change the position of the tanks
Flat-map : Players can’t change the position of the tanks
In the map, tanks can appear and disappear.
Players can move to the positions shown in the map.
The tank moves according to the map.
Players can also fight battles in areas where the tank is not shown.
Tank and fighter planes attack and defend
Players fight against enemy fighters or tanks with their own starfighters.
Under certain conditions, the tank can also attack the enemy’s tank
Players can use the radio and get an attack order
Attack order
Top-down perspective
Player 1 will shoot a starfighter
Player 2 will defend
Tank battles
You are in the control of your tank.
You can choose the position of your tank.
You can switch between the 2 joypads.
You can control your tank with the joypads.
You can fight against other player tanks.
You can control the direction of your tank.
The tank moves according to the map.
You can switch between the tank and the starfighter.
You can do attack and shoot enemies with the starfighter.


Features Key:

  • Sourceforge: taksimulator / trainsimulator
  • A in-game modding tool for Trainz Simulator
  • You can use mod files in Trainz Simulator so you can edit existing levels and create your own content with Trainz Simulator
  • GUI in Trainz Simulator

    For more information visit our forums. Watch out for the full release — it will come with a lot of new features like in-game editing tools, units, buildings, train parts, users and dynamic object sets and other. You can find the high-speed freight set here:

    link. To download other in-game content of Trainz, just visit our download site in the content section. We also release Trainz content that we build for our clients. To receive such content and any other updates for Trainz Simulator, you need to subscribe to this site.

    We’re looking forward to get your feedback on this Game Key.

    Thank you for your continued support. Have fun!





    Angular — map failed to instantiate error

    I’m trying to run some javascript before it starts doing the page load, and I’m doing this using angular $document.ready() as illustrated in this error post, but I’m encountering a new error:
    Uncaught Error: Unexpected value ‘$document’ imported by the module ‘AppModule’. Please add a @NgModule annotation.


    RTK13 — Bonus Officer CG €Zhang Fei” À張飛」特典武将CG Crack + Patch With Serial Key

    Story of a Homeless 2: Police Mayhem takes place in a large city in Russia with a rather ugly capital — St. Petersburg. The main character is homeless Artyom. You will face hordes of monsters and will have to avoid them when you are not looking.
    Game Story:
    Artyom loves the ocean. Since he was a little boy, he dreamt about a holiday there. Since he couldn’t swim, he always fell into the sea and it finally caught up with him. Artyom is now a homeless man. He lives on the street and earns money to pay for the room on the roof and food for himself. He goes through a whole life of a homeless man. That’s what he does day by day: searching for a job, sleeping and begging.
    One day he stumbles upon a small animal cave. He falls into it, but fortunately, he found the owner. The owner is a police officer in the police department. Artyom doesn’t look like a thief, so the police officer helps him and offers him to stay in his mansion. Artyom becomes a tenant in the officer’s house. Artyom’s new life is full of amazement.
    But everything suddenly changes when several armed maniacs start breaking into the police officers’ house. Artyom is forced to rescue his beloved officer. Artyom fights to save the officer, but Artyom himself ends up in a prison. Artyom is freed, but only to find out that his only friend was killed by the people in the prison. Artyom decides to revenge for the death of his friend and goes to prison in the capital city of Russia, St. Petersburg.
    WARNING! This game is a sequel to Story of a Homeless. If you haven’t already played this game, do not download this one! It may contain spoilers!
    Key Features:
    — Beautiful graphics
    — Stunning world
    — Incredible gameplay
    — First-rate music
    — Good-looking narrative
    — Interesting plot with amazing twists
    — In-game humor
    This game is intended for people who like graphic adventure games, mysteries and suspense.
    Also, after finishing the game, you will get to know the background of homeless people in St. Petersburg.
    Artistic Location:
    St. Petersburg is an ancient and beautiful city. It was once the proud capital of the Russian Empire, and still retains a marvelous sense of the past.
    More from the developer:


    RTK13 — Bonus Officer CG €Zhang Fei” À張飛」特典武将CG Crack X64 (Updated 2022)

    Chapter 1:Hein the reception hall and looks at the view screen.A news reporter speaks.

    We now come to the end of the special report.It is about «The Monster of Memory:Destiny».The story of our special report began with the appearance of a special agency.A mysterious agency, it specializes in the study of human beings.It was founded by the director of the RE614 project. He had highly regarded professional skills, and no person has ever escaped from his arms.It was also reported to the police that during the infiltration of the agency, several people were found dead in the bathrooms and blood found there.Then, a few days ago, it was suddenly discovered that RE614, the so-called «Monster of Memory» was always present in the laboratories of the agency.What kind of revolution will happen? Such a strange agency was beginning to draw countless superhumans to use the agency’s services.The mysterious agency has had many mystery surrounding it for a long time.According to our insiders, is the process of infiltration on the staff.The action involved itself.First to discover in the administration hall, the detective who does not move around easily, but also the person who wants to take over the job, has been on the move with the other staff members.The president of the agency, the detective who infiltrated the agency, the head of communication, and the owner of the agency: the four people have been kept under great surveillance.At present, the protagonist of the story is Sumi, a rookie agent of the agency.He thinks there is nothing strange in his brother Haru.However, his actions and words have unwittingly led him to the scene.
    Game «THE MONSTER OF MEMORY:DESTINY» Character introduction:
    Chapter 1:The protagonist, Sumi.

    Chapter 2:HaruThe protagonist’s elder brother. His talent in soccer has already been regarded as genius-level.Looking down on himself, he is the youngest in the family.Moved by the accident of his father, he is the leader of the family and the most reliable member to Sumi.SumiThe protagonist.He greatly admires his brother, Haru. For catching Harus notice, he practices soccer very hard. Usually quite easygoing, he loses all control when he hears someone speaking something bad of Haru.NaoSumi’s teammate in the Soccer Club.For some reasons, he considers Sumi as his rival. He is always outspoken and brings troubles upon


    What’s new in RTK13 — Bonus Officer CG €Zhang Fei” À張飛」特典武将CG:

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