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S-P2P instant Messenger was developed as an accessible and easy-to-use Peer to Peer instant messenger. Now, you can use this simple tool to communicate with other peers in realtime.
Please note that S-P2P instant Messenger is still under development.







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S-P2P Instant Messenger Crack X64 [Latest]

Just a free trial version:
— PM, Text, Notes (SMS)
— Search and Group Chat (But no Buddy List)
— Online and Offline Support
— System Wide Chat History and File Browser
— Self-Help Page
— Offline Website Back-Up
— Multiple Language Support (Prefs)
— Receive User System Notification
— System Crashes and Restarts Automatically

Just a free trial version.
When you first install (or upgrade) S-P2P, you will see a brief wizard, and simply accept the dialog box.

Features list:
— Search for users nearby and online.
— Chat with people nearby and online.
— Self-Help page
— Offline website back-up
— Automatically system crashes and restarts.

Turning on or Off any of the Settings:
— Turn OFF: Turn OFF S-P2P in System Preferences.
— Turn ON: Turn ON S-P2P in System Preferences.
— Force Shutdown: Turn OFF S-P2P and then turn ON S-P2P.

System Notification:
— Turn OFF: Don’t show this alert
— System Crash: Don’t show this alert
— System Restart: Don’t show this alert

Search For Accounts:
— Select: Select your search account. You may have more than one search account.
— Cancel: Exit the wizard.
— Search: Specify your search account.

— Startup: Automatically turn ON S-P2P after every reboot
— Locking: Prevent the other user from turning ON S-P2P
— Network: View your network status
— Disable: Turn OFF S-P2P

Group Chat Logs:
— Log Chat History: View all Chat Logs
— View Log Chat History: Select a Chat Log to view.

S-P2P Reviews:

— A Bug Report
— A Support Report

For any problems or feature request, please contact the author:

Just a free trial version
— PM, Text, Notes (SMS)
— Search and Group Chat (But no Buddy List)
— Online and Offline Support
— Self-Help Page
— Offline Website Back-Up
— Multiple Language Support (Prefs)
— Receive User System Notification
— System Crashes and

S-P2P Instant Messenger Crack+ (LifeTime) Activation Code

S-P2P instant Messenger is designed for users who need to communicate in real-time and instantaneously. Its interface resembles the Sender-Reciever paradigm and supports incoming messages, outgoing messages, contact messages, chat, call and contact. It is possible to add avatars to contacts (incoming or outgoing) and you can use it as both P2P and Sender-Reciever client at the same time. S-P2P instant Messenger offers several different modes of communication that include grouped and individual chats.

S-P2P instant Messenger supports Bluetooth® communication and file sharing on a local network.

Now, you don’t need to waste your time by downloading and installing numerous softwares when you want to talk with your friends by a new way: the Peer to Peer instant Messenger.


Incoming Message:
— incoming messages from the different contacts
— incoming messages in a grouped chat
— incoming messages with offline option
— incoming messages from contacts without any avatars

Sender to Receiver:
— possibility to start or stop a conversation
— possibility to add avatar
— possibility to add text avatars
— possibility to add profile photos

Sender to Reciever without Grouping:
— possibility to add profile photos

Sender to Reciever without Grouping:
— possibility to upload files
— possibility to send files

Sender to Reciever Grouped:
— possibility to add/remove contact avatars
— possibility to send avatar photos

Sender to Reciever Grouped:
— possibility to send message photos
— possibility to change avatars
— possibility to change profile photos
— possibility to edit profile photos

Sender to Reciever:
— possibility to change chat history

Sender to Reciever without Grouping:
— possibility to change chat history

Sender to Reciever Grouped:
— possibility to change chat history


S-P2P instant Messenger requires an internet connection to use its features. S-P2P instant Messenger include the possibility to reconnect to the internet and resume the chat if the connection is lost. It’s also possible to connect to the internet through mobile phone networks or bluetooth by allowing users to use the feature «P2P SIM Card» which is designed for connectivity over mobile networks.


What’s New in the?

S-P2P instant Messenger offers a free, easy-to-use instant messaging application that connects you to friends and family on other PCs. S-P2P instant Messenger connects to your friends and contacts using technology built into Windows. You can chat without installing any additional software. Just click a button to send and receive messages. Sign up, change settings, read and reply messages, and more—all from the menu bar. Plus, S-P2P is easy-to-use and has a large user base of satisfied customers.
S-P2P instant Messenger Features:
S-P2P allows you to sign up quickly using your existing Microsoft Account information.
Allows you to sign in using your Windows Live ID.
Allows you to log in to S-P2P.
Allows you to invite friends to S-P2P.
Allows you to change your display name.
Views your messages.
Allows you to view your own messages.
Allows you to respond to messages.
Allows you to add your own messages.
Allows you to change your status.
Allows you to add your own status.
Allows you to block contacts from sending you messages.
Allows you to delete messages you have read.
Allows you to view your contact list.
Allows you to view your buddy list.
Allows you to upload photos to your profile.
Allows you to change your display photo.
Allows you to upload new photos to your profile.
Allows you to edit your contact info.
Allows you to delete your photo.
Allows you to upload your own photo.
Allows you to perform basic editing of your photo.
Allows you to edit your photo.
Allows you to share your photo with other people.
Allows you to send private messages to other users.
Allows you to block private messages from others.
Allows you to report other users to the S-P2P administration.
Allows you to attach photos to your messages.
Allows you to send and receive voice messages.
Allows you to download and play ringtones.
Allows you to send or receive audio/visual content.
Allows you to upload custom colors to your profile.
Allows you to change the color scheme of your background.

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Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


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