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I’ve found a site where they are selling (almost) all the movies of the series in SD quality. They are Allsoft Download HD.


The only site I could find that was selling the SD version was this one:
But it seems that I was wrong about the validity of this site. They have been contacting me to offer me another site and I believe I will be buying the collection from them. (They haven’t been offering me any money but they have been promising to send my money soon — that is why I am doing the bit about going to the police)
Just to avoid getting into trouble for any wrong-doing I have decided to not put a link to the download, even though it is legally available, so that I can contact the website directly to find out if they will be willing to sell it to me and give me the money. (Right, not right…

Matilda Mae was a very popular child. She was always cheerful and willing to help out with anything that needed to be done. She lived with her mother, but her father was killed in a car accident on the way home from work. Her mother decided to leave home and go to work, but did not tell Matilda where she was going. When she went on her first day, she forgot her lunch. When she returned home, her mother was not there. The police said she had taken the train to St. Louis. When she got home, Matilda found her mother’s suitcase in the hall. She opened it to find all her things gone except for this ring. She was now alone in the world and not sure what to do.

The next morning when she awoke, she found a note on her pillow. It read, «I am very sorry, but I can’t let you starve. If I

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