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How do I export a file out of Radare2?

How do I export a file out of Radare2?
I try to export with the scp p command but it doesn’t work for me!


You can use the scp command in a script or a binary — whichever you find suitable.
The rasm2 binary should be run with:
./rasm2 -o

where is a space delimited list of filenames to be assembled into a single.asm file.
This command is in the same directory as the rasm2 binary and should work:
./scp ./rasm2

./scp >./rasm2

You can also use the builtin assemblyp command.
When using the binary, the.asm files are generated from the same assembly language as the original input files.
As you say, the p command (an alias for./scp) works with.asm files, so you can use it in a script:


How to draw a smooth flowing line using canvas?

I am trying to draw a line on the canvas which should look like the image below.
Is there a way to achieve this through the canvas?


You can achieve this using the canvas 2D context. If you have polygons stored in the form of arrays, you can use them as vertices and draw the line between them.
If you don’t have them, you can still draw lines, however they’ll be fairly jagged and there’s no smoothness unless you can manage to control the stroking and drawing of the line.
Basically, a line will be made up of more than one Point, making it a Polygon.
You can either calculate the points between all the edges of the polygon, or just use an array of points.
There’s a good example of the function here, and if you can provide some simple polygon vertices you can quickly convert them to a polygon:

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