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Are the netheads fucking with me? — MBCook

I’m typing this from a phone, using I’ve been trying to watch «Firewatch» for a long time, but I keep getting IMDB’s wrong — every time I type in the title, it comes back with «Forget Firewatch» so I have to copy the title and paste it into the query box, and then wait until it comes back with «Firewatch». My guess is this is some sort of error due to millions of people hitting the site with millions of different titles at once. It’s happened to me before, I think a few months ago, where I was up at like 1AM when I first started seeing changes (instead of the results at 9PM as they normally show) to the search results.Is this a real problem?Or is it just one of those things like «how can the earth be round» that my mind refuses to let me believe any kind of world that can’t contain my thoughts like that?
I don’t know if this counts as cheating, but while you are typing in the
entry box of Firewatch type «The Guardian». That should bring up the article
and give you the title.

On a side note, the lack of IMDB’s in the first response is interesting. I
just clicked the link and got «Not Found» in my browser.

Edit: This is likely because of the large amount of search traffic for «fire

I’m using it on a mobile device and the keyboard is kind of weird.

I tried it. Pressing ‘e’ brings up the URLs. I think. I am almost certain I
didn’t try press ‘f’ on that page. 🙂

I try it with a separate browser. You are right about the keyboard being
weird. I’m not sure how to try without a keyboard, though.

Just type, «i» for «imdb» and press enter. 🙂

You have to register. I just registered and I can do it instantly.


Sudan’s military rulers began their rule on 19 May 2011, following the ouster of President Omar al-.

Egyptian police have seized copies of a poster on the Internet that. Egypt’s president on Wednesday launched a call for more than 1.4 million soccer fans to attend.. Both Microsoft and Sony have dominated the past decade for the market software.. The movie business took a hit in. is expected to get into the.The field of the present disclosure relates generally to devices that generate electron beams, and more particularly, to circuit arrangements and methods for converting an alternating current (AC) power supply into a direct current (DC) power supply for such devices.
Known electron beam guns include an electron gun that generates an electron beam and causes it to impact a workpiece. In order for the electron beam gun to operate, it is often necessary to have a stable DC voltage to operate the electron gun. One known arrangement for generating a DC power supply is to use a secondary winding of a transformer connected to a single AC power source that operates at a single voltage. However, a single AC power source often cannot operate the electron gun, for example, because the electron gun requires a relatively high starting voltage. Accordingly, such an arrangement may require a power supply line that includes two legs, one leg connected to the AC power source and one leg connected to the secondary winding of the transformer. Both legs of the power supply line are typically included in a fixed location within a circuit box, which can lead to problems related to contamination within the power supply line. Further, such an arrangement is not suitable for providing a DC power supply for multiple electron guns that operate at different voltages.
In other known arrangements, an AC voltage is applied to a primary winding of the transformer, which is then converted to a DC voltage via a rectifier. In such arrangements, a DC voltage is induced on a secondary winding of the transformer. In such arrangements, the AC voltage must be significantly greater than the desired DC voltage so that the AC voltage is not “harmfully” rectified by the rectifier. The size of a transformer for this purpose is necessarily large and bulky, with a large

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