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D.F.R. is a relentless single-player first-person survival horror experience that puts the player through a claustrophobic, nightmare-inducing journey where sanity and light exist as tightly intertwined concepts. The game’s main objective is to navigate through a mystery-filled old school building that only the game itself knows.
You play as an unidentified survivor who awakens in an unknown location. But the strange surroundings become more and more claustrophobic as your character’s sanity and sense of light dwindle throughout the game. The gamer will be given a series of increasingly difficult decisions to make throughout the game that determine your survival. However, the player’s actions, as well as the lack of light, is what will ultimately determine their fate.
About the Game:
D.F.R. was made with the desire to mix classic survival horror elements with first-person puzzle mechanics to create a unique experience. The unique «reward/punishment» game mechanics builds a persistent feeling of dread, where the player’s sanity and the lack of light is the driving force of the game. These mechanics help keep the game engaging long after the novelty of the experience wears off. The combination of first-person puzzlement with a strong emphasis on stealth gameplay makes the game a unique experience that deals with dark themes such as mind control and psychological trauma.
The game also features a unique card-based dynamic difficulty system, where the player’s level of light and sanity is inter-linked with their decisions throughout the game and how the gameplay works. Each decision is a mini-game in its own right, in which the player must choose between two «positive» or «negative» options that will affect how that mini-game plays out. This creates a dynamic game where the player’s choices ultimately determine how the game progresses.
D.F.R. has been in development for a year and a half and is slated to release Q2 2016.
Key Features:

Easy controls designed to maximize the player’s movement and interaction with their environment.
Strong focus on stealth gameplay.
Various «challenging» mini-games that challenge the player’s ability to reason.
D.F.R. has been in development for over a year and a half and is slated to release Q2 2016.


I’m not sure what platform you are developing for. You’re going to want to consider two things:

How are light sources handled?


Features Key:

  • Description: Excalipurr is a game developed by Fez. This indie-mafia-fantasy RPG has a great atmosphere.
  • Game Play: The Legend of Excalipurr is a game about remembering magic. Excalipurr team is on a quest to stop the evil darkly.
  • Content: The darkly story of Excalipurr is visible in the game. You can expect to explore lots of missions with your allies.
  • Missions: Excalipurr is an adventure game, and you need to have a good memory.
  • Gameplay: In this indie-mafia-fantasy RPG, Excalipurr, the protagonist, must reach his objectives and tasks that he has to complete. He is waiting at the cemetery with his uncle, Nadik, to keep checking on his sister, Silks.
  • Achievements: In The Legend of Excalipurr, you can earn achievements by reaching certain goals in this game, that will help you gain some extra rewards.
  • Money: In this game you will get some amount of gold when you complete your tasks.
  • Controls: Use WASD to move and Space to use magic.


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IMPORTANT: The game is not yet fully optimized for the UWP platform. The UWP is expected to be released within the next few days.
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What’s new:

This is a true legend of a creature, the Excalipurr, a creature described by storks that may have existed over 10,000 years ago in a vast timew. The storks described there come from a place called “Know-West,” which was created in the Forgotten Age, a time when a separate universe rested in the clouds. This story begins long after the stories where the foul play that destroyed the old Excalipurr have been, but the legend still exists, as outlandish as it is.

After the destruction in Know-West, when the Skiwonians had known it was gone for a while they started wandering again, trying to find it. It finally turned out they had been close to the Toin’i Island, an island that was a counterpart to Know-West. The storks had been heading towards the island, but suddenly they saw far off in the distance, a dark silhouette something was about to show up in front of them.

The moment the storks saw that they flew away from the island and hid in a place called “Skiby” again where they tried to figure out what it was, but the man next to them even thought it was a dream too.

Upon further investigation they had finally figured out what the dark silhouette was. It was a gigantic being called “Excalipurr,” a creature with five legs, a sword to go around his waist and many tentacles coming out of its back. They also realized that this was a guardian of something important.

Five nights later a deep draft to see the Excalipurr began. It was a scary thing and no one could see how he was at this point. They didn’t know what was going to happen in a matter of hours. The storks had fled the area and in particular, the last one of them had lost her way with no idea what was going on.

With a deep breathing the Excalipurr had been finally found, so completely lost the woman was. She had no idea where she was going and she had no idea where the land ended and had fallen into the sea.

The man heard a noise and tried to listen where it was coming from. He found out that the noise was coming from the egg that had fallen in the sea and it was moving thanks to the tide.

Without thinking much of it he got there, grabbed the egg and held it


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How To Crack:

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System Requirements For The Legend Of Excalipurr:

Currently, Frameworks 7.6.1 and above is required for running the application.
To run on a lower system version, please download our Installer and check your system requirements.


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