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How can I tell if I use hand holding?

When I got through the tutorial in UE4, a new feature showed up: hand holding. I know that you can use it to control your character, but I’m unsure of how.
What’s the difference between hand holding and normal walking, jumping, etc.?


It is described in UE4 Manual:

Hand-Handed Engine
Hand-held engine. Also known as hand-held or controller-based motion.
This allows you to use the VR controller to move around, or for
motion-based camera views. Hand-held engine does not use the main
animation graph for movement, it instead uses a hand-pose, which is
also used for colliders, map hierarchy, etc. Hand-Handed Engine allows
you to have unlimited camera views, and for movements that are
non-linear, such as leaning, walking, crouching.

So, I suppose, your character should be just slightly slower than in full walking, but the movement is like he is running on the spot. This is very different from normal walking, where the character walks smoothly with his normal walk speed.
You can switch the hand-held engine mode on a global setting in the application settings.


When you switch it on, it makes the controller use body-tracking (but not necessarily fixed on your body). So it’s like walking in «stand still» mode:

In the render camera mode, the camera stays on the same spot while the controller moves around

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