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how to crack open a winrar file rar


My advice: Don’t do it! You are opening yourself to all kinds of trouble.
I already spent a day or two figuring out how to create a valid RAR file. And when I could not crack it, I uploaded it to an old P2P site and had it cracked within a couple of hours.
Don’t think you’re the first to try this. It’s a bit much.
Here’s a few tips:

If you’re in doubt that you’re getting a crack for the correct file, go to the P2P site and download a RAR file with a known quality. If you get a crack, it’s legit.
Don’t upload to an unknown P2P site. If that crack site gets hacked, your account is in danger (or at least, I’m guessing that it will be).
P2P sites are extremely sensitive and will aggressively try to revoke your account if they believe you’re uploading unauthorized files.
P2P sites deal in content. If you’re uploading files, they don’t have an incentive to just pass on your.rar file. You’re competing against all the other uploads.
Beware of illegitimate P2P sites and their anti-crack measures.

Lastly, I’d just recommend you to use WinRAR instead. It’s free and most likely won’t run into trouble. And it’s much easier to use than WinRAR 2012 Crack Edition.
At any rate, good luck!

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