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JavaScript Constructor losing Context

I have what seems like a very simple question but I have spent some time looking for an answer and cannot find what I am trying to do.
I have my Class:
function Person(firstName, lastName, dateOfBirth) {
this.firstName = firstName;
this.lastName = lastName;
this.dateOfBirth = dateOfBirth;

Then I have my Constructor:
function AddPerson(personData) {
var newPerson = new Person();

// rest of constructor…

And finally I have the main function that is trying to run the AddPerson function:
function main() {
var personData = {
firstName: «John»,
lastName: «Doe»,
dateOfBirth: «2001-05-09T21:00:00.000Z»

new AddPerson(personData);

My issue is in this part of the AddPerson function:
new Person()

I have tried:
var newPerson = new Person(«John», «Doe», «2001-05-09T21:00:00.000Z»);

var newPerson = new Person();

var newPerson = new Person;

I have read the MDN’s documentation and the Mozilla documentation and as far as I know they are the same, so what am I missing?
I want to use the AddPerson function in the main function and I can’t figure out why this won’t work.


What you are missing is the constructor property. new Person() expects to be passed a constructor function with a specific syntax that it expects. This is the closest you are going to get from the Javascript side to an ES6 class.
function AddPerson(personData) {
var newPerson = new Person(personData.firstName, personData.lastName, personData.dateOfBirth);

// rest of constructor…

You can read more about constructors here, the one thing that constructor takes is the constructor function itself. It expects


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Mockito — how to make verify use 2 different methods

I’m refactoring an old java project and I’m trying to use mockito to add more test coverage.
I want the test runner to run a verify on method mA() and verify on mB() inside the method that runs the real call (in this case mT(Int)).
I dont want to verify mB() as I’m happy to have a code coverage percentage of 0%.
I also don’t want to check the exception mB() throws but I want to check that a particular exception is thrown.
The example below is a simple version of what I’m trying to do.
public void test() throws Exception {
testRunner = new FitnesseRunner(«Test»);
int expected = 8/2;

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