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Everyone likes music, so listening to various songs can be a relaxing activity. XStreamRadio is a small tool that brings hundreds of online radio stations to the screen.
The app has a compact interface and a clean interface, which means that handling it should be easy for all types of users.
As mentioned, the program comes with hundreds of international pre-programmed radio stations that you can switch between with ease. These are put together in a list, with the country’s flag and the name of the station. It’s also possible to filter through them by choosing the music genre, such as classical, country, jazz, rap, rock, oldies or top 40, to name just a few.
Alternatively, you can look for the station you want by inputting the name in the designated field in the interface. A list of favorite stations can be created by pressing the heart-button.
It’s also possible to record the songs or discussion on the radio. While installing the program, the app lets you assign a target location for the output files. The app supports two types of audio formats, namely MP3 and WAV. All the recordings can be viewed in the interface. These may be renamed, deleted or sorted.
Overall, XStreamRadio is a nice program that can cheer up your day. Beginner users should find it easy to work with this app, thanks to the intuitive layout.







XstreamRadio Crack Download (April-2022)

Network virtualization.
xstreamradio is a utility that helps users to access the network resources, such as the servers on the Internet.
Supports control over DNS, User Agents, TLDs and the Domain name servers.
Allows you to create and manage virtual network for any domain.
Changes the IP of the computer and any device connected to it.
Works with Virtualbox, VMware, Virtual server, vRDS, and other software.
Let you use any domain instead of a specific one.
With the help of xstreamradio, you can use a virtual network to access the Internet over another machine, where the computer does not have its own IP address.
This is done with the help of a software application, called Virtual Network Interface Card (VNIC) that can be used to solve network problems such as the lack of a specific IP address.
XstreamRadio is a collection of network tools that can help you create a Virtual Network Interface Card that enables the computer to connect to a host computer or a virtual server over the Internet.
Specifically, you can use an xstreamradio to address to the openvpn server. This is a useful way to direct web traffic to a remote computer.
With the xstreamradio, you can set up a fake IP address for a computer. For example, if your IP address is ``, you can use this program to set up a fake IP of `` for a computer.
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Download XstreamRadio from Softonic: 100% safe and virus free. XstreamRadio by Raloo. Download Free for PC Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac. XstreamRadio is a very user-friendly application. The app has a small interface and a simple layout, which makes it easy to work with for most people. It allows you to experience hundreds of online radio stations. All the features of the app are easy to use, such as the fact that stations can be selected by country or genre. You can also listen to the radio online and record your favorite stations. You can combine this app with a media player, such as VLC.

XstreamRadio also offers you a computer history log that you can use to record your favorite stations. The app features an abundance of customizable options. It supports two file formats, namely MP3 and WAV. Most of the audio recordings can be played back in the interface. XstreamRadio can be used on all types of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

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XstreamRadio Crack License Code & Keygen [Win/Mac]

One of the simplest looking music player for Android.
> Stream radio stations from the internet
> Search for stations by entering their name or browse stations by genres
> Record stations to your phone or SD card
> Choose default playback location or change it via the settings tab
> Sorted list of favorites, rated stars of stations, favorite station history and more…
> Gather the last song you listened to and other useful statistics
> Playlists
> Browse albums by artists, albums by genres, albums by Composers, and others
> Download local and stream songs for offline playback
> Playback controls
> Translate lyrics and descriptions
> Closed-source (using the Play Service library)
XstreamRadio Instructions:
Install the app, choose the settings icon and navigate to the ‘General settings’.
After the App goes Online, you can see a ‘local stations’ link. Click it and you will get all of your local stations listed.
Simply select a station to add it to your favorites,
You can also browse or search the large selection of music streams at www.xstreamradio.com. By
default all you local stations are listed, but you can change this to use the main ‘international
stations’ page too.
Use the next button to add your favorites to a playlist.
You can use the back button to delete each station.
Swipe down the main menu to see a favorites button, that will allow you to go through your
favorites playlist without leaving the app.
If a song finishes playing, you can use the ‘skip to next song’ button to move through the rest
of the playlist.
If you are in a playlist and select a song to start a new playlist or search, a new favorites
button will appear at the bottom right side of the screen.
To change the volume levels of individual stations or the ‘all’ volume level, simply select the
radio tab, open the volume controls and slide the slider to the right.
Double click a station in the list to bring up a song playing screen, where you can
control playback, save the station or delete the station.
If you have headphones attached to your device, double click a station on the device
to move your music out to your headphones.
The navigation bar at the bottom displays the current station playing, the next and previous
station in the playlist. To jump to a specific point

What’s New in the XstreamRadio?

* Requires Http connection
* Supports torrent downloads and playlists via using audio URL
* Unlimited stations
* Unlimited playlists
* Automatically saves playlists
* Browse and play online radio
* Play online radio
* Free to use
* Free to download
* Simple, easy to use

My Favorite Radio is music software that helps you learn to love radio again. With the My Favorite Radio app you can track your favorite stations and add favorite radio stations, podcasts, and online streaming radio in your library. You can monitor stations and get up to date information from the stations. If you want to listen to some of your favorite radio stations offline, then you will find the app useful. Free version of the app is available for download at the download section of the page.
My Favorite Radio Features:
* Tracking your favorite stations and add favorite radio stations, podcasts, and online streaming radio to your library
* Real-time contact with your favorite radio stations
* Listen to your favorite radio stations offline
* Monitor radio stations and get up to date information
* Quick scan and hear stations with just one click
* Integrated player and scheduler
* Direct access to online streaming radio
* View descriptions and artist information for the stations in your station library
* Download stations and podcasts
* Find stations from multiple sources
* Control the volume of all the radio stations in your library
* Search stations and podcasts
* Add favorite podcasts to your library
* Option to play podcast directly from your desktop
* Set a favorite station
* Set favorite podcasts
* Themed interface
* Built-in scheduler to automatically play your favorite stations on the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules
* Hundreds of podcast sources
* Manage and view information about your favorite radio stations
* Listen to streams online
* Free version has the essential features
* Built-in scheduler to automatically play your favorite stations on the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules
* Scrobbles the stations and podcasts you listen to
* Hundreds of podcast sources
* Loved your My Favorite Radio app
* Subscribe to RSS feeds for the Podcasts
* Saves your favorite stations and podcasts
* Built-in scheduler to automatically play your favorite stations on the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules
* Scrobbles the stations and podcasts you listen to
* Listen to streams online
* Explore the results
* hundreds of podcast sources
* Podcasts can be downloaded and listened

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: Intel® Pentium® III or greater
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard disk: 500 MB
Graphics: Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0
Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV or AMD Phenom™ II x3
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard disk: 500


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