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Zita Dans La Peau Dune Naturiste DOC FRENCH HDTV

A man who was found dead in a rural road, said to be the head of a group that terrorises the region, had been sleeping rough for more than a week. Police in the Mid-West Irish town of Navan are at a loss to explain the death, which is believed to be that of Senan Moriarty.
Moriarty, a 26-year-old father of two, was discovered dead at about 2.30am on Wednesday night near the junction of Ratheen Road and Glenasmole Road near his home in the town, of the same name.
Detective Sergeant Matt Keating said this was an isolated incident and it was not believed the man had been involved in any previous wrongdoing in the area.
«The scene was attended by officers from the Irish police and a number of forensic officers from Navan Garda station.
«He was found lying in the roadside with a number of stab wounds. The fact that there was no blood found at the scene suggested that he died a number of hours previously,» the detective added.
A post mortem was expected to be carried out.
A number of gardaí and a crime manager from the local area attended the scene yesterday and took witness statements from neighbours and passers-by.
In the light of the incident, the Detective Sergeant said car and foot patrols would now be stepped up in the area for the foreseeable future.
«The scene had been cordoned off to traffic and the scene of crime officers attended.
«A local man has reported to the Gardaí that he’d seen a number of vehicles near the scene of the incident. We are looking at these as possible leads and hopefully these will lead us to the man responsible.»
Gardaí said there was nothing at this stage to suggest the man’s death was linked to the death of Mr Moriarty, who disappeared from his house on Saturday and was found dead on Wednesday.
It is believed that Mr Moriarty had a dispute with another man from the town on Saturday.
«We are following this line of inquiry, but there is nothing concrete to say at this stage. We are very anxious to find out the circumstances of his death and hopefully we will find the person or persons responsible for his death.
«There will be a garda investigation and interviews will be taking place within the next few days to find out more about the investigation,» he added.
Mr Moriarty’s family have been informed of his death and gardaí will pay


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In the ID World in which we live, most organizations do not have the internal capability, capacity or means to effectively generate, store, process, and manage the data generated by any IT project or initiative.

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The ID World is Moving to Data. This is a fact. As organizations integrate data and analytics into their business processes, they must keep up with the changing data landscape and develop a strategy that is powered by their use of data and data tools.I’ve been playing with the «Clutter-Widgets» example and I found the following bug or shortcoming:

You can add the widget to a layout (via myLayout.addWidget(myClutterWidget), but you cannot remove it (myLayout.removeWidget(myClutterWidget)). The problem is: If the layout gets removed, the widget will be removed too. This causes a memory leak, because you have to store the widget’s reference in order to be able to release it later.

There is a patch in the old tracker:

As a workaround you could store the widget in a weakpointer container and let a «Thelopper» take care of disposing the widget when it gets weakref’d out. Any idea how easy it is to just patch core clutter?Q:

How can I change all the datepicker values to 11am?

I’m creating a game where I want to be able to change all the datepickers to 11am and have done this so far:
changeMonth: true,
changeYear: true,
altField: «#date-input»,
altFormat: «dd/mm/yy»,
useCurrent: false


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